Our Company officially closed in 2016. Thank you to our customers we have been blessed to know – Let’s all keep dreaming through the ebbs and flows of life! Dana is currently writing a book and taking time to find out what makes her heart sing in this new chapter of life. Stay tuned for her next adventures!

We at Dana Mermaid, LLC believe in the highest standards of service with aloha at our company core. We value integrity, fun and professionalism.  Our retreats and presentations are uniquely designed to empower and infuse your lifestyle with your heart’s calling & life purpose. Learn from the ocean and it’s more intelligent species while experiencing a safe and personally customized retreat. We look forward to seaing you shine!

A mermaid is a siren who embraces the interconnection of every being on the planet. I chose her because she is the embodiment of feminine power – united with the flow of life, emblazoned with passion, conscious and free. She is you at your deepest center. I carry her message and call out to those on land to awaken, clarify, and tap into the magic of life.This world needs powerful women who dwell in their divinity – who are filled with passion and are on fire with purpose.It is my life’s work to help you press pause on your daily life and reconnect your feminine power, using the ocean as our guide.There is a quality about the sea, and the creatures who reside in it, that allows us to dive deeper into ourselves and return to the surface with treasures from within we didn’t know existed.

I’ve witnessed this discovery time and again for others.

I’ve experienced it for myself.

I experience it still.


I’m Dana. It’s fin-flipping-tastic to have you here!

Having overcome dark times and exalted in brilliant moments, I know what it means to ride the ebb and flow of life. On my journey there has remained one constant – the calling of the ocean.

As a child, growing up in the fossilized sea beds of Arizona, the siren song of the sea called to me and on trips to the ocean it felt like returning home.

Coming from a long line of dreamers and doers, a rare combination, awakening you to the magic of life through the doorway of the sea is my greatest inspiration.


I’ve always felt a connection to the ocean, dolphins and whales in particular, and for years dreamt of living amongst them in Hawaii. When you have a vision and a desire the universe will rally 100% to support you. By answering the call of the sea, embracing the spirit of surfing, gliding through waves, and playing with the creatures below them, I discovered that the sea really will set you free. In 2000 I found myself on a plane, moving to Hawaii, with nothing but an open heart, pure intentions, and my treasured surfboard. My journey of working with wild dolphins and whales began shortly thereafter. Having always been enamored with the Polynesian culture I expected a deep love to ensue, but not long after moving, it carved out a permanent place in my heart. The culture holds profound reverence for both land and sea, and I have since adventured across the wide Pacific throughout Polynesia to delve deeper into that culture, expand my spirituality, and witness the alchemy of discovery that it offers. My experiences within the culture and ocean have truly been catalysts for my personal evolution. This life has been a dream beyond my own design. I have swum with over 21 species of wild dolphins, whales, rare beaked whales, whale sharks, and other shark species.I’ve rescued both humpback whales and spinner dolphins from net and line entanglements.  And having spent hundreds of days in the water with the Hawaiian dolphins, I can truly say we know each other and are friends. After 12 years of working on boats as a safety swimmer, crew, and captain, as well as launching a successful underwater photography and videography business, I felt it was time to deepen my impact by working one-on-one with women entrepreneurs, opening their hearts to help them make a bigger imprint on the world. Having taken countless people from all walks of life, ages, even disabilities into the open sea to swim with dolphins, I’ve witnessed the commonality that all tap back into joy and who we authentically are. I began crafting mermaid tails as an artistic expression from my heart and a love for the sea. What started as a message of ocean conservation and inspiring education in children has since evolved into a channel for healing, reconnecting to the source within, and dissolving limiting beliefs that hold you back from floating free in the life of your choosing. Having already gone through transformations, with several thousands of hours in the water and an innate ability to make people feel safe and calm in the ocean, I knew I could create space for women to reawaken the inspiration that is often blocked as a result of ‘always-on’ living.

Before long, women and adventurous clientele came to me asking to be led in the experience. Not only were they drawn to the fun, magic, and childlike wonder we invoke on our adventures, but also to our professionalism, integrity, and service.

Seeing a woman awaken her genius through deep ocean experiences ignites a fire in me that no amount of water could extinguish.

There is power in the land, but magic in the ocean.

I encourage you to dive in, live your bliss, and leave your unique fluke print. The possibilities are limitless.

Malama I Ke Kai e Malama I Ka Aina
~ Translation:  Take care of the sea and Take care of the land

Aloha, Dana

Check out my Sea Cred

  •  SSI Scuba, CPR, and First Aid Certified with Liability Insurance
  • 100 ton US Coast Guard Licensed Boat Captain
  • Certified Freediver up to 110 feet with 5 minute Static Breath Hold
  • Certified Lifeguard, Swim, Surf, and Snorkel Instructor – connecting thousands of people safely with the sea (all ages and swim levels, including disabilities)
  • Water Safety Patrol Officer for Hawaii and National Geographic Film Projects
  • Dolphin Decoy for TBS Japanese Film Crew – contracted to bring dolphins closer to the camera
  • Marine Mammal Naturalist ~ Ocean and sea life educator, specializing in whales and dolphins
  • Co-Founder of the Mermaid Coalition with Doreen Virtue and Susan Knight for ocean conservation
  • Member of the Ocean Artists Society founded by Wyland
  • Ambassador for Women for Whales