Happy Thanksgiving, Realness & All That Jazz!

IMG_5513“Once you are real you can’t become unreal again. It lasts for always.” – Margery Williams, The Velveteen Rabbit. (photo by Cat Malovic)

It’s officially a time of colder weather (yay!!), changing seasons, dead leaves dropping and a time to prepare for the harvest of new growth and blossoming to abundance. As always the ocean remains a constant teacher for the life cycle of change and renewal with the mermaid symbolizing the embodied feminine essence and connection we have to all life on land – sea & mind – heart.

Oftentimes life plays out as battlefield and watching the engulfment is challenging. Life must be lived through and like any good fairy tale, the same is true in life that you can’t skip over getting lost in the woods or the tragedy that occurs .. it all must be lived and experienced to gain the freedom at the end. Thank goodness for grace that brings the good in the world to the surface. It sometimes is overwhelming to watch destruction, pain and heartache in the lives of those around us and worldwide, without a way to stop it.

There is poverty, sickness, selfishness and pain.. . AND never forget the power of life’s ultimate magic, miracles and possibility. With all life being interconnected, the more that you wake up to the truth of that light and good within you, the brighter that light of truth will shine to attract others to overcome shadows and darkness that manifest in so many ways.

This Thanksgiving, I’m grateful for every experience that has brought me closer to my heart and the women I’ve been honored to work with along the way who have reconnected to their passion, purpose, awakened their spirit & transformed their lives into the realms of possibility. I’m grateful for the good in the world, for the grace that overcomes all obstacles and that come what may – miracles, abundance and beauty are the truths that prevail indefinitely. What’s even greater is that regardless of whatever you believe, think or feel, nothing will ever change the fact of those depths of realness & love within our very beings. Like a deep dive into the refreshing ocean waters, I hope you push forward to clear away your own blocks or illusions, look for realness, & discover an experience of true freedom and joy.

Blessings & love,


The Hula Hoop Girl


While traveling through Southern California, I caught up with Caroline Sanchez, who is literally known as, The Hula Hoop Girl. When she’s not busy teaching hoop dancing and healing the world, you can catch her at sunrise and sunset doing her ‘hoop girl thang’ at one of my favorite So Cal beaches, Windansea in La Jolla!

Seriously though, she is more than just a dancer with a hula hoop. I got the chance to meet her and see her in action at a friend’s birthday party I was photographing and in the few moments we spoke, I heard more of her story, background and watched her in action. Truly this lady is a powerhouse with both passion, purpose and an entire journey behind every step. She’s on fire to empower women and bring healing to caregivers in the nursing community and hospice.

Women have power to change the world and girls now, more than ever need strong and feminine role models with voices. This is why I created the podcast platform, Lady Leaders Radio for the everyday leading lady, featuring women who are breaking through barriers and defying the odds to live their dreams and make a real difference.

In this interview I truly believe you’ll be inspired with Caroline’s passion, purpose and vision to empower women and raise the bar for healing through hospice and community.

Go to our Podcast page to hear the interview and you can also listen on Soundcloud!



Who Inspires You?


Who inspires you in everyday life and why?

I’ve been personally reminiscing on this and wanted to share with you. Like waves in the sea we are all connected and I believe it’s the everyday heroes and sheros who weave a bit more magic into life’s tapestry.

“You and I are all as much continuous with the physical universe as a wave is continuous with the ocean.” – Alan Watts

I remember a dance teacher I had growing up who believed in me and lived her own life as a professional dancer with such passion and perseverance. Another English teacher in middle school brought out my talent for reading, writing and the art of drama even at times when I doubted myself. Their impact on me was profound.

A pivotal turning point in my life was in the year 2000 when I really begin to put into practice the spiritual principles that had been presented to me after years of truth seeking. As the saying goes, that when the student is ready the teacher appears. This person revolutionized my life with concepts of freedom that went against anything I had previously seen or heard in all my seeking and living. (Which although I was merely 21, I had been around more than one block in search of happiness on my journey of life.)

Over time I met people who have truly blessed my life and who I feel honored to know. I spent many years working with developmentally disabled adults and one in particular, a man named Kid Steele with Down Syndrome was one of my best teachers in the art of happiness. He has far surpassed the age of life that many downs live until and I dare say he may outlive us all with his open heart and playful spirit!

When I first began my years on the dolphin boat in Hawaii, I was crew, a guide and safety swimmer. Many people would come out desiring a connection in the open ocean with wild dolphins, but who had physical disabilities or fears to ‘swim’ through. One lady in particular I will never forget. I don’t remember her name and have no idea where she is now, but her spirit of pure joy left a mark. She was a woman paralyzed from the waist down, with no self pity, or qualms even with her complete need to rely on others as her guide and life support in the water. She was totally at ease. She was out an entire week with us with everyday different in the sea and experiencing a swim with dolphins. She shared stories of her world travels, being in Thailand during a Tsunami and having to rely on others to carry her to safety and through it all she remained humble, at peace and joy filled. She was physically paralyzed but did not let that stop her – her spirit was free and the world her oyster.

These are the everyday heroes, the ones who continue to shine their light after life takes it’s left turns. There are too many stories to add into this space, so I will leave you with these and open space for you to add on your own.

The ocean, dolphins and whales have been my greatest source of inspiration and continue to teach so much. The message of the sea is one that will continue to be marveled at, because truly no matter where we live, water is our home.

The best really is yet to come and there’s no telling what life will bring, no matter what adversity, there is always a greater light to behold. The mer magic is within us all!

Sparkle on!



Lights, Camera, Stars!


Just imagine if life was a runway and everyday you had the opportunity to walk the world’s stage with your own personal style!

In fact, we each have our own runways and everyone looks a bit unique. How will you live your life differently if you viewed your day from this perspective?

Fall is a season of harvest and it can also be a good time to allow your life and heart to do the work of shining for you.

“That quiet place inside of her was getting louder and louder.” ~ Anonymous

Isn’t it true that the happier you are the more joy you bring to others? 

What lights you up inside or sets your soul afire?

Let’s live like this quote from Paul Simon – “Today I’ve got nothing to do today but smile.”

Lifestyle is truly a life lived in style and it’s unique to each of us. What is your style? Your groove, that thang that no one else has? Light it up, babes and set the world afire! 

Oh – and Happy Fall!! I’m so looking forward to those changing leaves, pumpkin spices, hot cider, warm sweaters and so much more!

Want to expand into your dream life – find out how you can work with me here!

Sparkle On!


The Lost Art of Femininity


Do you notice any stigma around the term, “femininity?”

Dive in to watch my latest video HERE.

I’m hosting a free call this Thursday on the Lost Art of Femininity. This is a topic I’m super passionate about and can’t wait to share more, especially how the message of the mermaid ties in!

Truly, it seems as though empowered women are sorely needed in the world today. More and more women are stepping up into leadership roles & careers to create change, yet the feminine aspect is still lacking in this masculine competitive and goal driven society.

Women are the life givers and change makers that much like mother ocean can truly influence the world in a big way. When one women awakens her spirit, she gives others the freedom to step up as well.

It’s time to ditch the status quo about what being a successful women is, time to quit “do”ing and begin “be”ing more to create greater impact, have our voices be heard and make a real difference. Time to create a new ideal about what it means to be a woman in leadership, be taken seriously as the beautiful goddess we are.

The essence of the mermaid is symbolic as an icon of Divine Femininity, tapped into the rhythm and flow of life, beautiful and alluring. She is calling to you to awaken your spirit and embody what it means to be a woman.

Let’s create a new wave of role models for the next generation to be intelligent, beautiful and empowered, unafraid of sharing their voice and leaving an imprint in the world. Being a women is not weak, emotional, indulgent or sensitive – Being a woman is in fact powerful in every way and your voice is needed.

Join in this supercharged conversation by dialing into my free call this Thursday! Register HERE and gain access to listen in live or receive the recording by email.

Dreams Are Like Baking


I love baking! Especially yummy heart shaped desserts! In following a recipe, it’s always necessary to do just that.. follow the recipe. Sometimes you can add in different things or replace others to add your unique flair and eventually you find something that works or else it doesn’t and then you go back to start from scratch with the original. Usually good recipes turn out better when they are followed.

I find this to be just as true for our dreams. We all have our own recipe inside of us to lead us towards living our dream. The basic ingredients usually include passion, purpose, love and joy. First you must decide to start, then gradually mix in those ingredients into your life. Everyday find ways to fuel your fire where you are inspiring someone else, living from your heart and doing what makes your heart sing. Mix that up and then get baked! This is when we are literally getting cooked by life, surrendering all of us to the Divine Plan for our lives that will lead us to more joy, more prosperity, more peace, more service, and more bliss! The key is not to be undercooked.. and definitely not to be overcooked.

This is where surrender comes in and really allowing the Universe to do what it does best… live us! It’s bound to be uncomfortable with emotions and fears coming up right and left, but if you stay steady and trust the process, keep your focus on the finished recipe = your dream and the best version of YOU, then you’ll be fine!

Next is where intuition comes in.. trusting yourself. When are are cleared out of expectation or fears and fully trusting the Universe, knowing the good that’s coming because you’ve committed to the recipe within your heart’s desire, then you will know when the time to move forward and out of the fire. This is when the world gets to enjoy you in your most expressed version, including you!

Wherever you are in your own dream living path; whether pondering your heart’s calling, deciding to commit to your heart no matter what, moving forward in mixing those delicious ingredients of passion, purpose, love & joy into your life, or if you are in the fire and baking… just remember that this world is designed for YOU to live fully in every way and is on your side.

Letting go of who you thought you were is essential and opening up to blossom into who you are meant to be is key. The world is ready for you! The buzzer goes off and it’s time to get livin!



Seaweed, a Mermaid’s Best Kept Beauty Secret!



What mermaid doesn’t love seaweed?! One of my favorite photographers, Sarah Lee took this photo of me swimming in the kelpish waters of La Jolla, CA.

From the mysterious & beautiful kelp forests of the deep to seaweed salad, sushi and even body wraps! Seaweed is not only fun to swim & play in like the otters, it’s also beautiful to use in art projects, delicious to eat, and not to mention it’s absolutely FINTASTIC detoxifying properties in beauty masks and more!

So when I swam across Free People’s blog on these awesome mermaid scrubbers, I of course had to try it!

The seaweed swims to you dried, but when you put in hot water, it literally is like a sea monkey and comes to life. Isn’t that really what we all do in water anyway .. . come to life! 🙂

Seriously though, it’s quite refreshing and definitely if you’re not near the seaweed in the sea, these are a definite mermaid necessity! oOoOoOo


Make Way For Your Grandest Dreams!

Ladies, how often do you feel burnt out in planning your work or home life, maybe even reading all those How-To’s?

Is time spent in nature, meditation, or spa days a part of your lifestyle or are those saved up luxuries for when you have more _________?

Do you add that style, flair & sparkle to your day by dressing up just for the fun of it?

Do you feel heart sing with everyday adventures?

Are you full of joy, peace & freedom to do what you want whether you are at work, alone or with family & friends?

Life certainly has its ups and downs, pain and darkness, yet there is a light within us full of infinite abundance waiting to be tapped. Much like the sea, our hearts hold all the magic, beauty and answers of life’s greatest happiness!

We all want to feel beautiful, amazing, loved and have the ability to inspire others along the way ~ for after all life is meant to be lived in it’s absolute fullest expression! 

Awakening your mermaid soul is like tapping the goldmine of life within! Living your brilliance is possible no matter where you live or what you presently do. Every moment is a moment to begin anew.

Hear how the message of the ocean will empower your life to awaken your soul to create the life of your dreams! Join me Saturday, August 8th at the legendary Valley Ho resort in Old Town Scottsdale, AZ. Pre-register for $45 ~

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I’m so looking forward to talking dreams with you in person!


Live Your Dreams Workshop


“One day she noticed something new in her reflection. Something that had a light all its own.” ~ Anonymous

It’s so easy to feel dried out in the stress & hustle of life on land. I’m pretty sure the whole world can use an entire dip in the sea to tap back into the magic & possibility – where dreams come true! For that reason, I’ve specifically created a workshop that I’ll be traveling with to inspire and connect women to dream living no matter what present circumstance.

For all the Wild Wild West ladies living in the desert town of Scottsdale AZ, are you feeling thirsty for some serious ocean inspiration? I’ll be passing through the area Saturday, August 8th & launching my NEW live workshop, Live Your Dreams! 

Do you long for deeper connection to your spirit in the midst of business & daily routine?

Are you ready to quit floundering around & make your dreams reality by tapping into the magic of life?

Join me & an intimate gathering of other women diving into messages of the sea while sharing transformational experience.

Awaken your mermaid soul to greater joy, freedom & brilliance no matter your present circumstance!

We’ll be launching Fish Out of Water on Saturday, August 8th at the legendary Valley Ho resort in Old Town Scottsdale. Be there or be square! Register at the link below. oO

Get all the de’tails for this live workshop and claim your spot HERE! 

Did I mention I can’t wait to meet you all in person and talk dreams!?

Until then, keep sparkling & get dreamin!! oOoOoOoOOo


Time to Blossom!


Can you believe we are already halfway through summertime!? It’s simply amazing how fast time flies and how important it is to “be here now” and live every moment fully! Expanding on our last newsletter, this is so much easier to do when life is flowing and going the way we want it to, but to be in each moment in times of patiently waiting our dreams to expand.. that takes courage and diligence.

When we look past circumstance, past our bodies and past our minds, and enter the realm of our heart space, that fourth dimension – the land of magic, miracles and dreams we begin to truly awaken to life at it’s fullest. Our hearts contain every answer we need to expand into the next level of growth. The elusive “how” is never our business, our job is to clear away the nonsense and just be still. That’s when we receive that intuitive clarity for our next steps.

I’m so excited to share with you our new podcast featuring empowered women who are making a splash in the world! This will be an interview series combining strong women and the powers of the ocean, heart and spirit. My colleague, Kristy Ayala is premiering with our latest “inspiration station” call all about living inspired. If you missed joining in to listen live, you can now download or listen in HERE!

Stay tuned for more inspiration to come and always remember to ignite your light within no matter where you find yourself. Just like the ocean washes away what no longer serves you, the powers that live within your very heart do the same.

Remember “who” you are and dive into the magic of life!

“Just when the caterpillar thought her life was over… she began to fly.” ~ English Proverb

Sea Sparkles & Aloha,