You CAN have it all with extra to give away!


Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Breathe a little more and let your body relax. Now what is your #1 dream you would absolutely love to be, have or experience in this lifetime? If you’re not sure, then just think of what brings you joy or where if money were no object you would do in a heartbeat! 

Now, let yourself dream even further, expand into the possibilities of a world without limitations, & notice what it looks like. Coming back to your present circumstances – aka your current “reality”.. . what’s stopping you from achieving that dream or dreams?

Stories and belief systems from family, friends, society and employment tend to morph into our own lives if we are not diligent with awareness to let them go. The Universe, Life Force, Creator or God, however you choose to call it has no limits on joy. The world is meant to be our playground when we are aligned with using our unique gifts as service to others.

How are you limiting yourself and blocking inspiration??

The human world is full of trauma and heartache, love and loss. In many countries like India, death and birth are in full view everywhere you look. In America, people are riddled with guilt and shame, hiding pain behind false smiles and tortured souls behind robotic lives. Do you remember the last time you felt alive, full of enthusiasm, joy and prosperity of all forms?

Life is meant to be lived, folks in every possible way!

When you are living a life, day and night from the core of joy, then everyone benefits. Vacations become places to add more joy to an already happy life rather than a place of escape. This is what your NEW “reality” can look like!

The ocean is a wealth of infinite life, change and possibility which mirrors back to us our true home. The mermaid is an awakened soul fully tapped into the magic of life on every level!
If living more of your dreams is sounding good to you, but you are not sure the “how” to get to where you want to be.. . don’t worry! The “how” is none of your business. Join myself and colleague, Kristy Ayala on our new call (it’s free to register) coming up June 30th at 5:30 pm and listen in as we dive into a super charged & fun discussion on how to Live Inspired! Just by registering you’ll receive 1 free gift from each of us and also a free audio download of the call!

Ocean blessings and hope to sea you on the call!

What is YOUR definition of an inspired life?


The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” –Mark Twain

From personal lives to professional careers and day to day living, inspiration is a gold mine for creating a more happier and abundant life!

My friend, colleague & fellow dream inspirer, Kristy Ayala & I will be diving into a supercharged fun conversational Tele Call on June 30th at 5:30 pm Pacific Time.

JOIN US on this free call where we will be discussing many of the important questions and answers that go along with living an inspired life!

  • Experience more joy in your life & career.
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  • Stay connected & inspired through all life’s left turns.
  • & Much more!

We will be answering real questions and sharing sparkly gems of our own life experience to inspire you on your path of dream living. We’re going to have some serious FUN!

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing.  That’s why we recommend it daily.” –Zig Ziglar

Catch the waves of inspiration and even if you won’t be able to listen in live, you will receive a free recording. Sea you there!


Life is for Living, Love is for Giving*


“No water, no life. No blue, no green.” – Sylvia Earle

Let’s celebrate the sea – It’s World Ocean’s Day, but let’s make it everyday! oOoOoOoOo

Water, water, water! Where would we be without water? Dehydrated, shriveled up and dried out! The same is true for our spirits – where would we be without our hearts and spiritual well being? Stressed, struggling, sick and tired. 

The ocean as a life source reconnects us back into who we really are, that place within where magic, dreams and miracles begin. A place of joy, abundance, bliss and prosperity. The elusive “HOW” to get here is done with a simple decision. Decide to make spirit priority over your present circumstance and that will unlock the pathway to your dreams! Come hell or high water your heart must come first. This is the greatest challenge of all and one in which separates the dreamers from the dream livers.

In life there are two paths that come as a fork in the road. Staying on the path you are may remain in stuck, stress and struggle – aka steam rolled by life. Verging or merging to the next path will involve facing fears, challenges, bumps and windy diversions, but if you stay steady and continue focusing on, the light will shine brightly like the treasure under the rainbow at the end of the road.

Awaken Your Inner Siren & The World Is Your Oyster! 

If you choose the path of dream living and are ready to expand to your next level and would like support to stay accountable, gain clarity and discover the grandest dreams of your heart to create a lifestyle and career you love, find out how you can work with me HERE!  

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Look forward to swimming your dreams to life on land!



Do NOT feed the fears. I repeat.. .


I’m going to be the first to admit that I’ve been spending waaaaay too much time on land. Case of the gills gone dry. And suddenly it’s occurred to me that I’ve slipped into that scary place of land logic where the ugly monster fears live! Ok, but seriously it’s true and so easy to do. Unintentional rhyming, but I’m going with it. Luckily I still am close to the sea and spot dolphins all the time!! Sometimes in giving up the good for the great, there are compromises we must make on the path to greater leadership and dream living. The good news is, we live in an abundant world, and it always works out in the end. Getting uncomfortable is actually a GOOD thing in that case, as it means letting go of old habits that are done. Every single day becomes an opportunity to discover, uncover & discard more blocks to let the NEW light or life in!

So here’s the deal, 2 words = people pleasing… aka = no bueno. This stuff can get down to the core and really weasel it’s way into decision making of all sorts, small or big. Settling happens in many ways and it really takes a lot of discipline to grow out of old stories and limiting blocks that keep us stuck. For example personally, when I left Hawaii a year ago to follow my intuition I knew I was expanding into the next level of greatness and had some temporary letting go to do.. but to all else it looked like moving backward. I found myself recently thinking about all these left turns that happened, etc. etc…. , but the truth is those were by product blessings from an intuition I followed that is leading me to my next chapter and every last left turn has been necessary to inner growth! Perception is not always fact, thank goodness for that!

How willing are you to make joy your priority? You know that bucket list you may have of things that make your heart sing? Do you have a list of what your every day looks like? Have you compared the two? If you don’t start doing even small things that bring you joy which are probably outside your comfort zone every day.. then how will that bucket list ever come to life? At some point you realize that it’s time to make HAPPY a priority and that no one else will do it for you.

There’s a saying going around these days on social media about how when you stop caring you become happier, or something like that. I think it’s super important to specify that is not the same as apathy. It’s important to still care about the world, each other and making a difference as that’s how change happens. It’s also important to not care what others think.

This is true courage to move forward despite opinions or perception & to continue following the call of your heart. Doing what you love while retaining care for the value of the world and all life is altruism in action. That is what will bring you on the moving escalator towards real and meaningful joy which opens up all the channels of abundance.

One of my childhood heroines was Joan of Arc who listened and trusted her intuition in the midst of battle and then being burned at the stake. Although we don’t need to get burned.. what I admire is her absolute trust in her intuition no matter what. She cared about her mission enough to continue onward despite her own questioning and the questioning of others.

That is absolute 200% courage as far as I’m concerned. There is always something more to face and be rid of as we continue growing on this path of life. Once our brilliance is unearthed within our hearts, we have to keep that light shining by shaking off and letting go of the stories and belief systems that block us.

It’s always an inner journey and one that shapes our outside world. Be willing to go through the fire and miracles will happen that will rock your socks off! That’s a Dana Mermaid guarantee. I can’t wait to see what happens in life next and for those that are on the path of dream living, please share in the comments below – I’d love to hear what you are up to in facing and moving through fears to get to that next level of joy!


Break Free to Brilliance


Some view setbacks as failures. Ditch those limited belief systems! On the path of dream living, sometimes what appears as moving backwards is actually bringing you closer to where you are meant to be. People will always have judgements. Stay centered in joy and in alignment with your values. Giving up the good makes way for the great, and all good/great things take time! Getting comfortable with uncomfort is key and will open doors where none where seen before.

The saying, “New level, new devil” is spot on! Where in your life are you expanding? When you make the decision to no longer settle in any area of your life, there is a time of discomfort of letting go of certain people, places and things. This period really clears out the cobwebs, so to speak to make room for your heart to shine even brighter and the channels of your intuition to open up allowing in greater abundance.

Sometimes what is comfortable can keep you stuck in old patterns of disfunction that block you from living out your greatest joy. Being uncomfortable can be painful, but eventually it will become your greatest asset, bearer of treasure & good tidings!

I’m currently in my own new level of expansion, going through some more fires of clearing and releasing more limiting stories to expand into where my heart wants to grow next! No matter how many times I’ve been here before, it’s still scary and uncomfortable, and I’m moving forward anyway!

I urge you to take the leap into your dreams, be willing to get a little crazy and give up whatever is blocking you from greatness. Surrender that which is holding you back from real joy and prosperity, trust in the process and mostly, believe in your heart’s purpose.

We are made to be joyful expressions of the power of life. Live like the sea, in vast abundance!


Chart Your Course With Happy


Which direction are you headed?

Life, much like sailing needs a “True North” or direction our compass is headed towards. Then, like a good sailor, tap your inner guidance to be aware of the changing seas, winds and keep the ship up to par to handle anything that comes along your journey. When the winds cease to blow, you must know when to relax and have patience for better sailing conditions and to also allow your course to change along the way, trusting in the magnetic pull of where you are headed, that the twists and turns along the way will only enliven the adventure!

What is your True North? Do you know the dreams of your heart? Are you living them? Is your career encompassing all of your passions and bringing you the utmost of success being happiness?

Finding your path can be quite a journey in itself and in my own experience, I’ve found that the heart dreams much bigger than my mind could even conceive! If you’re not fully happy in your life or career, maybe your True North needs a priority/direction change to center towards greater joy. It may even be different than it used to be, since life is constant evolution, passion changes as we grow.

“There’s a perfect shot out there tryin’ to find each and every one of us… All we got to do is get ourselves out of its way, to let it choose us.” – Bagger Vance

Personally, moving towards next levels of happiness, “how” that happens is none of my business. Following the next indicated step in any given day is most important no matter what. Taking chances, trying something new, leaping through fears and doing at least one thing every day that makes you come alive or stirs your soul to bliss is key to letting the path unfold for your heart’s purpose to unfold.

One of the #1 ways to elevate joy is to help others find their happiness! A life that involves doing what you love and lighting the way for others is one of the greatest ways to make a difference in this Planet Ocean.

Lots of love & aloha from the sea!


The importance of living your dream even when it doesn’t make sense


Life always gives us exactly what we need. If you would have asked me a couple years ago if I would pack up my dream life in Hawaii and head to the mainland again, I would have thought you were nuts! Well, maybe having a second home on the West Coast one day, but selling everything and re-starting up a life there – no way. Then again, if you would have asked me 18 years ago if I would have personal experiences with wild whales and dolphins and have started up my own company I also would have thought that was inconceivable! Even a few years later after saying, “no” to a management position in the life of society’s norm, with a home, car and steady paycheck flying to Hawaii with a backpack, bikini, surfboard and zero master plan – I still had no idea what was in store. All I knew at that time was that my heart wanted more. I wanted more than a job and a car and a paycheck – I’d been around a few blocks & had all those things but wasn’t fulfilled. I spent most of my teen years looking for happiness in all the wrong places, the material world, and crashed and burned time and again.

So I took a chance on my heart and eventually settled into a life better than I could ever dream! I think of Hawaii a little like Never Never Land, a playground type of place where dreams can come true. Sure, it’s not for everyone, but it was for me and opened up some massive heart opening transformation and lessons I’ve learned from the real masters of living – dolphins and whales.

A few years went by and I settled into that dream island life, thinking I would never leave. Fast forward to a year ago, when I had the intuitional download to pack it up and leave (again, without a master plan). Let me tell you, leaving Hawaii and my dolphin family to go to the land of corporate concrete jungles is a lot harder than the other way around. Nonetheless, although I still have fears and loads of ideas, I know one thing for sure and that is that my intuition never lies. So why on earth would I do this, you may be wondering and in fact recently got asked this again the other day. Well, most likely a lot of reasons still to be seen, however what I do know is that my heart wanted more. I wanted to be able to share in a bigger way what I’ve experienced and learned with more women who are stuck and struggling in stressful lives. Some pretty rad experiences have already come out of leaving that I never would have expected. The landlords of the home I had rented for over a decade sold it to the perfect people, I was able to be present for family situations that needed attention, and I had an opportunity to take time to recover from some pretty big life decisions and really be ready to open up and expand into more newness. Life and it’s many left turns!

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Launch Your Dreams for Earth Day!


I’m so excited to share with you our brand sparkling new coaching packages that will Illuminate Your Brilliance & give you the support you need to dial into your dreams & create your new reality!

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Wouldn’t it be amazing if you were living life fully expressed, free, happy and making money in a career doing what you love while helping the people who need your unique talents and gifts?

What is the leap that you’ve been wanting to take in your life or business, but are still holding back out of some type of fear or belief that you can’t right now or maybe not ever?

Are you stuck believing that what your life looks like right now is just “reality” that you have to conform to accept?

You can have a new reality and be living a life that YOU want to live in every way! 

It happened to me and I’ve witnessed the transformation in countless other women. It involves facing fears, old stories and letting go of people, places and things that are holding you back from real happiness – that temporary uncomfort is worth a lifetime of freedom!

At a certain point in the lives of every human, we face broken hearts, illness, disease or failure of some sort. With addiction, divorce, therapy and anti-depressants on the rise, it is time to discover a new way to live – one that’s both of service to the world and where we are genuinely happy.

The ocean is our biggest teacher in transformation and living an authentic life. The waves wash away all that stress and “land stuff”, the ocean is known for healing properties, there is nothing we need to gain to create prosperity.

The simple fact is what we need to clear away. Let your heart awaken to magnificence and tap back into the magic and flow of life. Where & how we are “be-ing” in life is key to what we actually experience.  Your inner state of freedom, joy and bliss will naturally attract more of that to you and help you each actualize your unique talents into the world in a bigger way creating waves of change!

By reconnecting to your passion & purpose, your life will expand!


We serve the world in bigger ways when we are true to our hearts and can help others shine brighter as well ~ Always swim towards the light, and if your heart isn’t lit up, then maybe it’s time to start!

Don’t forget to book one of our transformational coaching packages to receive your bonus Ocean Power Hour by midnight April 22! Make your dreams the new reality this Earth Day and contribute waves of joy to celebrate our Planet Ocean. Click here to book!

Lots of love & sea sparkles!


What makes your soul come alive?


Are you in love with your life & making a real difference in the world?

We don’t need to run a country to make change ~ every connection we have with another person creates impact. Even our moments spent alone send energy out into the world.

The happier we are, the more we help the world! So what lights your fire, stirs your soul to life, makes you come alive & helps your heart sing?

It’s so easy to get caught up in thinking or trying to figure everything out & then finding yourself stuck, stressed or settling somewhere in life. The ocean is the most refreshing avenue of all & is a catalyst in personal transformation!

In any life change or taking a leap of faith we must first begin with a vision or desire. The longer you think about the “how”, the longer you can easily stay stuck or spinning in circles. I’ve found the ocean is in itself a world of fun, magic & freedom. Our hearts are precisely the same!


Every answer we need is within & most oftentimes is just hidden by our own fears or ideas that need to be washed away. The first step on any dream living journey is to ask yourself “What do I want?” If what your heart really wants doesn’t match up to your actual living experience, then the most powerful step of all is to get to your “No More!” No more of __________ or being fully DONE with staying in any situation that is less than what your heart desires.

The challenges on the path of following your heart are far less than any you face when you allow your heart to suffocate. 

I’ve taken major leaps of faith along my own journey to live the life of my dreams & continue to leap even further! Why?? Because I know what a life is like spent suffering and not putting my heart first. The time we are giving will continue on whatever we choose, and choosing heart happiness first is what really creates change.

Every moment is an opportunity to build anew.Life is so much more than physical and mental, our spirits must come first. Our hearts are constantly growing & so must we to live our happy no matter what!

What is YOUR happy??

Stay tuned for some new audio from my own experiences in trailblazing a path and how you can achieve anything with a little bit of faith & a whole lot of passion!

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“Dana helped me regain clarity, focus, and know the next steps to take so I can better serve my clients and my purpose. Connecting with Dana was exactly what I needed to get back to my vision and all the advice she gave me has made an ocean of difference.” Bobbie Jo Horkman,

Luck of the Irish

I’ve not yet been to Ireland, but It’s definitely on my list of places still to visit! With legends of magical fairytales and hearts full of love including many mermaid stories as well, Ireland’s folklore is hard to resist. The Irish term for mermaid is Merrow, meaning half woman and half fish typically appearing with green hair. So with Saint Patrick’s Day this week, let’s get into the spirit by dancing, wearing green and above all believing in the magic of life!


Life is such a funny little journey, with so many adventures woven into the grand tapestry. It has been a year since I set sail to begin a new chapter! My soul was ready for change and I am still in the midst of change continuing to live a life of a traveling mer gypsy!

The thing about traveling before setting roots is that life’s subtle changes become much more apparent. It’s easy to take for granted certain material securities when we are settled into a way of life that works without realizing that we are always changing and growing. Without acknowledging our own growth we can sometimes become stagnant and settle into a life that isn’t happy, spending days pretending it is out of fear of change. I see this everywhere in the world and the ocean has always been a place for many as a cleansing and refreshing vacation.



Cleaning out our hearts and minds is just as important, if not more so than cleaning our homes. Life continues on and nature is our surest teacher in that, the ocean most especially and it is up to us to be in line with our heart’s growth. Green stands for growth and we must continue growing into our most brilliant Selves no matter what! One of the biggest problems I see in the world is settling and forgetting our value, who we really are and our connection to this Planet Ocean. True happiness is so much greater than our physical surroundings and far better than superficial joys. It’s true the pains of admitting life may not be the way we want or having to go through any life change is challenging, but isn’t the overall pain of staying stuck in a life of unhappiness worse? Life is on life’s side, which means that no matter the temporary hardship, any step you take towards a life of love, freedom and happiness, the Universe will meet you the rest of the way. There’s been so many times in my own life I’ve had to take these leaps of faith and each time thinking surely I will never have to do that again! Ha! The Universe laughs. I don’t think there ever will be a time we get “there”, every moment we live involves both pain and joy which is a part of being human. The wonderful gift is that we are over 70% water, which officially mermaidifies and connects us to the ocean no matter where we live. The sea as our greatest teacher embodies the ebb and flow and consistant refreshing of the old to emerge renewed as our intrinsic life source. So the message this month is to splash onward towards your happy! Perhaps your passion has changed as your heart does and it’s time to adjust your sails again and find new light, new love, and renewed life within to shine your gifts into the world in an even brighter and bolder way. Sail onward, dear mermaids and hope to see you on the high seas of life!