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The importance of living your dream even when it doesn’t make sense


Life always gives us exactly what we need. If you would have asked me a couple years ago if I would pack up my dream life in Hawaii and head to the mainland again, I would have thought you were nuts! Well, maybe having a second home on the West Coast one day, but selling everything and re-starting up a life there – no way. Then again, if you would have asked me 18 years ago if I would have personal experiences with wild whales and dolphins and have started up my own company I also would have thought that was inconceivable! Even a few years later after saying, “no” to a management position in the life of society’s norm, with a home, car and steady paycheck flying to Hawaii with a backpack, bikini, surfboard and zero master plan – I still had no idea what was in store. All I knew at that time was that my heart wanted more. I wanted more than a job and a car and a paycheck – I’d been around a few blocks & had all those things but wasn’t fulfilled. I spent most of my teen years looking for happiness in all the wrong places, the material world, and crashed and burned time and again.

So I took a chance on my heart and eventually settled into a life better than I could ever dream! I think of Hawaii a little like Never Never Land, a playground type of place where dreams can come true. Sure, it’s not for everyone, but it was for me and opened up some massive heart opening transformation and lessons I’ve learned from the real masters of living – dolphins and whales.

A few years went by and I settled into that dream island life, thinking I would never leave. Fast forward to a year ago, when I had the intuitional download to pack it up and leave (again, without a master plan). Let me tell you, leaving Hawaii and my dolphin family to go to the land of corporate concrete jungles is a lot harder than the other way around. Nonetheless, although I still have fears and loads of ideas, I know one thing for sure and that is that my intuition never lies. So why on earth would I do this, you may be wondering and in fact recently got asked this again the other day. Well, most likely a lot of reasons still to be seen, however what I do know is that my heart wanted more. I wanted to be able to share in a bigger way what I’ve experienced and learned with more women who are stuck and struggling in stressful lives. Some pretty rad experiences have already come out of leaving that I never would have expected. The landlords of the home I had rented for over a decade sold it to the perfect people, I was able to be present for family situations that needed attention, and I had an opportunity to take time to recover from some pretty big life decisions and really be ready to open up and expand into more newness. Life and it’s many left turns!

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Launch Your Dreams for Earth Day!


I’m so excited to share with you our brand sparkling new coaching packages that will Illuminate Your Brilliance & give you the support you need to dial into your dreams & create your new reality!

In honor of Earth Day, we are offering a bonus Ocean Power Hour coaching call to the first 5 ladies who book any package by midnight Wednesday April 22. What better way to save the planet by serving the world in a bigger way! Dive into our transformational packages by clicking here.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you were living life fully expressed, free, happy and making money in a career doing what you love while helping the people who need your unique talents and gifts?

What is the leap that you’ve been wanting to take in your life or business, but are still holding back out of some type of fear or belief that you can’t right now or maybe not ever?

Are you stuck believing that what your life looks like right now is just “reality” that you have to conform to accept?

You can have a new reality and be living a life that YOU want to live in every way! 

It happened to me and I’ve witnessed the transformation in countless other women. It involves facing fears, old stories and letting go of people, places and things that are holding you back from real happiness – that temporary uncomfort is worth a lifetime of freedom!

At a certain point in the lives of every human, we face broken hearts, illness, disease or failure of some sort. With addiction, divorce, therapy and anti-depressants on the rise, it is time to discover a new way to live – one that’s both of service to the world and where we are genuinely happy.

The ocean is our biggest teacher in transformation and living an authentic life. The waves wash away all that stress and “land stuff”, the ocean is known for healing properties, there is nothing we need to gain to create prosperity.

The simple fact is what we need to clear away. Let your heart awaken to magnificence and tap back into the magic and flow of life. Where & how we are “be-ing” in life is key to what we actually experience.  Your inner state of freedom, joy and bliss will naturally attract more of that to you and help you each actualize your unique talents into the world in a bigger way creating waves of change!

By reconnecting to your passion & purpose, your life will expand!


We serve the world in bigger ways when we are true to our hearts and can help others shine brighter as well ~ Always swim towards the light, and if your heart isn’t lit up, then maybe it’s time to start!

Don’t forget to book one of our transformational coaching packages to receive your bonus Ocean Power Hour by midnight April 22! Make your dreams the new reality this Earth Day and contribute waves of joy to celebrate our Planet Ocean. Click here to book!

Lots of love & sea sparkles!


What makes your soul come alive?


Are you in love with your life & making a real difference in the world?

We don’t need to run a country to make change ~ every connection we have with another person creates impact. Even our moments spent alone send energy out into the world.

The happier we are, the more we help the world! So what lights your fire, stirs your soul to life, makes you come alive & helps your heart sing?

It’s so easy to get caught up in thinking or trying to figure everything out & then finding yourself stuck, stressed or settling somewhere in life. The ocean is the most refreshing avenue of all & is a catalyst in personal transformation!

In any life change or taking a leap of faith we must first begin with a vision or desire. The longer you think about the “how”, the longer you can easily stay stuck or spinning in circles. I’ve found the ocean is in itself a world of fun, magic & freedom. Our hearts are precisely the same!


Every answer we need is within & most oftentimes is just hidden by our own fears or ideas that need to be washed away. The first step on any dream living journey is to ask yourself “What do I want?” If what your heart really wants doesn’t match up to your actual living experience, then the most powerful step of all is to get to your “No More!” No more of __________ or being fully DONE with staying in any situation that is less than what your heart desires.

The challenges on the path of following your heart are far less than any you face when you allow your heart to suffocate. 

I’ve taken major leaps of faith along my own journey to live the life of my dreams & continue to leap even further! Why?? Because I know what a life is like spent suffering and not putting my heart first. The time we are giving will continue on whatever we choose, and choosing heart happiness first is what really creates change.

Every moment is an opportunity to build anew.Life is so much more than physical and mental, our spirits must come first. Our hearts are constantly growing & so must we to live our happy no matter what!

What is YOUR happy??

Stay tuned for some new audio from my own experiences in trailblazing a path and how you can achieve anything with a little bit of faith & a whole lot of passion!

I’m opening up a new mentorship program for women where you can work with me 1-1 for 30 days to get the full support you need to breakthrough to the next level of living your dreams! Mastermind with a real mermaid to clear away what blocks your guidance within – Contact Team Mermaid to apply! 

Splash over to read more testimonials from mentorship programs!

“Dana helped me regain clarity, focus, and know the next steps to take so I can better serve my clients and my purpose. Connecting with Dana was exactly what I needed to get back to my vision and all the advice she gave me has made an ocean of difference.” Bobbie Jo Horkman,

Find Love Right Where You Are.


Life is a series of experiences that brings us back to where we begin to start anew.

Growing up I was passionate about dance and the arts. I even believed I would have a professional dancing career. I also believed I would fall in love and have children and live some fairy tale life. My actual life experience has been quite different than my childhood dream. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened had I been able to pursue a career in dance, or finding marriage or children.. certainly my life would look a lot different than it is now. I believe in life that we do have choices, and yet I also believe in a unique destiny for each of us and that life has a bigger plan no matter how much we distract ourselves along the way.

My life has become it’s own fairy tale, one in which I’ve gone down the rabbit hole, slayed dragons in the dark forests and rather than rescue by a knight, I’ve discovered both the dragon and knight is within me.  My love story has involved falling in love with life, falling in love with myself, learning to love others and is continually evolving as I grow. One thing has always remained a constant in my journey and that is the sea which has always brought me back to ‘me’.  The ocean reminds us what life is about, who we are and ultimately connects us to that higher power that lives and breathes us each moment along the way.

This song by Ed Sheeran called “Thinking out Loud” moves me so much and I want to share the link with you. Have you heard it yet? I absolutely adore it and hope you enjoy it as well ~

Much love and sea sparkles*


Patience and Celebration

Happy Fall!

With the changing of seasons, it’s a great time to plant new seeds for an abundant harvest or to prune and tend what has already been planted. What dreams are you nourishing to grow into?

One of the most important parts to growth is patience, once you’ve done your part in planting the seeds, you must trust the process and continue with an attitude of faith and love. Just like plants that are overwatered will die, so too will your dream vision, too much or too little care will prevent a healthy growth. In times of waiting, the best things to do may include relaxing, fun, exercise and new adventures! The more you can tune in to your inner knowing through meditation and prayer, the more clarity you’ll receive to wash newness into your life personally and professionally.

For myself, I’ve found change and patience to be one of the hardest characters to develop. It’s so easy to become attached to what we want or what has worked before or any idea we have. To release our desires and ideas on how life and business should look and surrender to that greater power that lives and breathes us, that is true mastery. Much like the ocean continues to wash away the old and bring in the new, we too can be like water and become new again. This is a continuous process that we must take with us in every moment of every day. On land and in the air, molecules are continuing to change although it’s not visible, whereas in water the changes are noticeable on every level. This is what’s most profound and alchemical in how the ocean can reconnect us to who we authentically are.

“In seed time learn, in harvest teach, in winter enjoy.” – William Blake

So enjoy the changes, release the old, celebrate the new and have patience with the in between. If you’re ready to see some newness in Mermaid Town, get ready for some big changes as we’ll be launching our new website very soon and have some new projects on the horizon!

Align With the Divine


What do you want in lifestyle and career, and how will you align with the Divine to create your destined bliss?

If you’re not fully in love with all of your life, then you’re not fully living! Why suffer from any debilitating thoughts or emotions of anger, fear or sadness when you can set your spirit free and be truly happy, living a life of fun and doing all that you want while inspiring others! Anything is truly possible.  One of the best parts of my job is not only doing what I love, but also waking women up to a life that’s fun and freeing, swimming out of that limited logic land and encounter a deep ocean of abundance that is infinitely more satisfying than anything you could dream up yourself!

Remember, just like the whale’s unique fluke print, there is no other one quite like you! So dive in and turn your dreams into a reality today!

Some peeps say you just can’t have it all and although it’s true that you can only be in one place at a time there is always room to experience so much more.

I say, Why not have it all?!

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Winds of Change


The winds of change are a blown! Change in life is truly a constant to be expected.  It’s when change is resisted that stagnancy occurs.  Change that includes amazingness right away is of course easy to go along with zest and enthusiasm.  The biggest life changes are those that veer off to left field with the horizon of treasures untold in the distance.  How often do you listen to the intuitive guidance within? Are you willing to listen when the seas of life are still as well as stormy? There is always a gem to find, even in adversity.  Sometimes adversity itself carries the much needed treasure to us in it’s own swift way.  Positivity is surely the key to all growth.  Have you made the decision to leave behind any negativity or doubt within or around you?  The more time you spend in cheering others on to their dreams, you double the effect through inadvertently blossoming in your own radiance at the same time.

“Imagine all the people living for today…Imagine all the people living life in peace…You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.  I hope someday you’ll join us and the world will be as one.” – John Lennon

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Happy Holidays From Mermaid Town!


Tis the season to be holly and jolly! These are a few of our favorite things – dancing sugar plum fairies, sparkles, shimmer, snow angels, snowflakes, surf, whale song, dolphin kisses, snowmen, chocolate kisses, Christmas Carols, elves, gnomes, spirited smiles, tinsel, stars, and more! Santa Claus is one of the best in making dreams come true and all the elves are hard at work up at the North Pole creating magic for children and adults worldwide!

Magic is real. Kids know this which is one of the reasons dolphins have such an affinity for children. When we as adults awaken to the wonder in the world within and all around us, we reawaken to our innate sense of being and connection to the Divine.

We in Mermaid Land believe in making dreams come true and the dolphins, whales and sea life are busy whistling and clicking to wish you the most amazing and infinite possibilities as you swim about tour day. The Holiday represents the season of giving and sharing both love and peace, which is in every moment of every day.

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Happy Hallows Eve!


Happy Hallows Eve from Under the Sea!

This is such a perfect time to truly embrace life – both the shadows and the light.

“The darker the night, the brighter the stars.” Fyodor Dostoyevsky

We are moving into Holiday Season and each moment is an opportunity to celebrate the dead while dreaming into who you want to become.

How will you tap into the magic of life and your own superpower this season? Innovate with the powers of creativity and fun through costuming and expand into the possibilities of your Brilliance!

“You used to be much more…’Muchier’. You’ve lost your muchness.” – The Mad Hatter to Alice in Alice in Wonderland

Have you lost your muchness?

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Take the Helm & Have Some Fun!


As a captain and navigator on the High Seas, I know the importance of charting a course and recognizing the signs of nature to reach a destination.  Charting a course and tuning in to the world around you is also imperative to reach our destined vision on land. To start, you must be willing to create space for dreamtime, the magic place where you can allow yourself to close your eyes and go within to your heart.

Ask yourself what is it you want?

What is your definite purpose in life?

When you get clear on your desired destination, then you can move into the success plan or charting your course.  Get on paper exactly how you plan to succeed in your vision. Next step is to actualize it by putting your plan into immediate action! Before you know it, Ahoy, Land Ho!

“A smooth sea never made a skilled mariner.” ~ English Proverb

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