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Les Baleines!


“Without commitment the Universe cannot bring forth the events we need to realize our dreams.” – Debbie Ford

I recently returned from French Polynesia where I guided Ashlee, a local artist and massage therapist from Hawaii, to swim with the South Pacific Humpback Whales! I’ve been journeying to the South Pacific for the last 6 years to witness and share the breathtaking beauty of being in the ocean with wild whales. This had been a dream of Ashlee’s for a very long time and it was such a pleasure to see her experience some truly epic encounters with the whales!

On our first day on the boat, we were greeted by an over zealous baby whale! This baby was so playful and loved a game of chase! He was not shy at all and really enjoyed swimming around us, even got some fin-to-fin action! Swimming back to the boat, he would follow us, eager for more playtime! We also came across a whale who was singing his little heart out about 40 feet under us while we floated on the surface, feeling the sound vibrations echo in the sea all around us.  We also met two whales who gracefully swam back and forth with us as an underwater dance. This was so special and we felt so lucky to be with these two whales by ourselves and no other boats around!

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