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Happy Hearts Day!*


Happy February and happy all things heart! Just splashing by to drop you a note to smile and enjoy whatever love life brings your way! There are opportunities everyday to tap into the magic of life and beauty all around and within us. Like water it is always best to go with the flow of change and growing which is not always easy in day to day life. The best ways to reconnect to our heart is really to stop and smell the roses! Slow down enjoy each moment and share some smiles to help others remember the joy, freedom and infinite possibility that is available to all!

“Love will find a way through paths where wolves fear to prey.” – Lord Byron

This is also a great time of year to rekindle your childlike wonder where the essence of true love lives, without limitation. Remember your inner mermaid and that spark of femininity who calls out to you to delight in the beauties of life’s magic.

Whether you fall in love with yourself, share love with others in need or enjoy your romantic love story I wish you the happiest of heart days with extra sparkles on top!*

One of my favorite passions is working with women entrepreneurs to tap into their hearts calling and get their dream out into the world in a bigger way! If you are ready to know your value, feel beautiful, reconnect to your passion and purpose by doing what makes your heart sing, let’s change the world together one splash at a time!

Dive in to our creative consulting packages to find out more about working together by emailing Team Mermaid today!

Stay sparkly,


Happy Sweet 16!


Happy New Year, Twenty sweet 16!

What will you make of your one little life?

How will you serve the world in a bigger way?

How will you let your own light shine brighter in joy?

What decisions will lift you and others up with that invisible crown you wear? 

What will you do today to make for a better tomorrow? 

What is your superpower, zone of genius, that thing you do best that the world needs?

How can you be most useful, happy and free?

Let’s all make this year sizzle, sparkle, dazzle and glow with YOUR brilliance that the world is waiting for!

Love, prosper & most of all, sparkle on!*


Magic, Wonder & Festive Season!


May the magic and wonder of the Holiday Season stay with you throughout the coming year ~

Festive season is upon us! Truly a time for festivities, giving back, waking up to the wonder within and all around us in this amazing world we live. An opportunity to turn against the hustle and bustle and slow down to listen to our hearts, share blessings and smiles because isn’t that what life is all about?

Every day is a time for heart opening, singing, gladness, peace, magic, love and light to experience more of the wonderment and merriness that life has to offer. Winter holds space for letting go of the old and dreaming into the new, a time for twinkling lights and songs and gift giving. These moments are with us always inside our hearts and all around and now is when cultures unite in tradition so no matter what you celebrate this season, make space for the magic and lift your heart to the light.

What joy will you be celebrating this season? What traditions open your heart and lift your spirits?

“You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.” – Desiderata by Max Ehrmann c.1920

Blessings from my heart to yours for a magical, wonder filled Holiday!

Sparkle on this season and always ~


Happy Thanksgiving, Realness & All That Jazz!

IMG_5513“Once you are real you can’t become unreal again. It lasts for always.” – Margery Williams, The Velveteen Rabbit. (photo by Cat Malovic)

It’s officially a time of colder weather (yay!!), changing seasons, dead leaves dropping and a time to prepare for the harvest of new growth and blossoming to abundance. As always the ocean remains a constant teacher for the life cycle of change and renewal with the mermaid symbolizing the embodied feminine essence and connection we have to all life on land – sea & mind – heart.

Oftentimes life plays out as battlefield and watching the engulfment is challenging. Life must be lived through and like any good fairy tale, the same is true in life that you can’t skip over getting lost in the woods or the tragedy that occurs .. it all must be lived and experienced to gain the freedom at the end. Thank goodness for grace that brings the good in the world to the surface. It sometimes is overwhelming to watch destruction, pain and heartache in the lives of those around us and worldwide, without a way to stop it.

There is poverty, sickness, selfishness and pain.. . AND never forget the power of life’s ultimate magic, miracles and possibility. With all life being interconnected, the more that you wake up to the truth of that light and good within you, the brighter that light of truth will shine to attract others to overcome shadows and darkness that manifest in so many ways.

This Thanksgiving, I’m grateful for every experience that has brought me closer to my heart and the women I’ve been honored to work with along the way who have reconnected to their passion, purpose, awakened their spirit & transformed their lives into the realms of possibility. I’m grateful for the good in the world, for the grace that overcomes all obstacles and that come what may – miracles, abundance and beauty are the truths that prevail indefinitely. What’s even greater is that regardless of whatever you believe, think or feel, nothing will ever change the fact of those depths of realness & love within our very beings. Like a deep dive into the refreshing ocean waters, I hope you push forward to clear away your own blocks or illusions, look for realness, & discover an experience of true freedom and joy.

Blessings & love,


Luck of the Irish

I’ve not yet been to Ireland, but It’s definitely on my list of places still to visit! With legends of magical fairytales and hearts full of love including many mermaid stories as well, Ireland’s folklore is hard to resist. The Irish term for mermaid is Merrow, meaning half woman and half fish typically appearing with green hair. So with Saint Patrick’s Day this week, let’s get into the spirit by dancing, wearing green and above all believing in the magic of life!


Life is such a funny little journey, with so many adventures woven into the grand tapestry. It has been a year since I set sail to begin a new chapter! My soul was ready for change and I am still in the midst of change continuing to live a life of a traveling mer gypsy!

The thing about traveling before setting roots is that life’s subtle changes become much more apparent. It’s easy to take for granted certain material securities when we are settled into a way of life that works without realizing that we are always changing and growing. Without acknowledging our own growth we can sometimes become stagnant and settle into a life that isn’t happy, spending days pretending it is out of fear of change. I see this everywhere in the world and the ocean has always been a place for many as a cleansing and refreshing vacation.



Cleaning out our hearts and minds is just as important, if not more so than cleaning our homes. Life continues on and nature is our surest teacher in that, the ocean most especially and it is up to us to be in line with our heart’s growth. Green stands for growth and we must continue growing into our most brilliant Selves no matter what! One of the biggest problems I see in the world is settling and forgetting our value, who we really are and our connection to this Planet Ocean. True happiness is so much greater than our physical surroundings and far better than superficial joys. It’s true the pains of admitting life may not be the way we want or having to go through any life change is challenging, but isn’t the overall pain of staying stuck in a life of unhappiness worse? Life is on life’s side, which means that no matter the temporary hardship, any step you take towards a life of love, freedom and happiness, the Universe will meet you the rest of the way. There’s been so many times in my own life I’ve had to take these leaps of faith and each time thinking surely I will never have to do that again! Ha! The Universe laughs. I don’t think there ever will be a time we get “there”, every moment we live involves both pain and joy which is a part of being human. The wonderful gift is that we are over 70% water, which officially mermaidifies and connects us to the ocean no matter where we live. The sea as our greatest teacher embodies the ebb and flow and consistant refreshing of the old to emerge renewed as our intrinsic life source. So the message this month is to splash onward towards your happy! Perhaps your passion has changed as your heart does and it’s time to adjust your sails again and find new light, new love, and renewed life within to shine your gifts into the world in an even brighter and bolder way. Sail onward, dear mermaids and hope to see you on the high seas of life!


Tradition, Sparkles & all that shimmers!*


The Holidays are a time of celebration and tradition. Families, friends and cultures from all over the world share their love in timeless traditions new and old. Some can be spiritual while others are material. What are your traditions as we get ready to ring in a new year? For myself, in looking back on the past year I accomplished an amazing amount in the midst of massive life change, and yet much of my intentions also did not materialize. I am a firm believer in listening to intuition, creating visions and being willing to release them, having faith in a greater good and higher purpose so that when what I intend doesn’t take place, I know that something greater will come. There are lessons hidden within all, both celebratory and otherwise. 2014 became a year of personal growth, new direction, rebranding, rejuvenation, forgiveness, miracles and presence with pivotal family moments woven in.

For the Holiday Festivites, coming from European and Scandinavian descent, my Grandmother would cook up a delicious meal every year. This was the first year, that I cooked her meals from scratch, from Norwegian meatballs to sweet soup and lefse. Although my Grandparents’ physical presence are no longer here, the legacy of tradition and spirit is left behind. Growing up I always wanted to break free of tradition, but now I see more clearly that life includes challenges and suffering and every chance to bring a bit of love, joy and luxury into the lives of loved ones is an opportunity to see God’s grace.

My prayer is for everyone in the world to find peace with themselves and to reach into the heart of life to embrace old traditions and even start new ones. To spread joy, laughter and love by waking up to a life full of contentment. Light a candle, look back on what was left behind, release what no longer serves you, discover what you need has been within you all along, and find your readiness to shine bright into 2015.

*** I’ve decided to start the New Year with a continued personal break and will be accepting applications for private coaching clients and Elite Excursion retreats in Spring 2015. If you’d like an opportunity to work with me one-on-one to revolutionize your life and career, we will have limited spaces available next Spring and I look forward to being a part of your journey to shine brighter in the world!* Email Team Mermaid at and until then stay inspired with us on social media and cheers to the magic of Newness!*

Cheers to you, darlings and to a very *sparkly* New Year!



Tis the Season to *Sparkle*



The Holiday Season brings out all that’s magical in life. Love, happiness, joy, beauty, magic, wonder, kindness and peace. When we are in touch with our hearts, the true meaning of Christmas or any Holiday you celebrate comes through. There is no need to join in the hustle of consumerism or stress. Life is so precious and every moment makes for our tomorrow to unfold. Dolphins are our biggest teachers in conscious living. Being conscious breathers they never completely go to sleep or they would die. For us this lesson can be to be conscious in each and every present moment all the while we are awake, including buying gifts and sharing kindness with others during this season of gifting. Certainly no one is perfect, not even mermaids! Finding compassion in the midst of land chaos can sometimes be quite difficult. There is no greater cure for the heart than sharing love with others. Giving a smile to those looking down, buying a coffee for someone in line behind you, holding doors open, feeding the homeless, gifting presents as a Christmas Angel, donating money or time for those in need, making blankets for anyone stuck in the cold, surprising friends with thoughtful gifts from the heart. These all will bring joy to light up other’s spirits and will most certainly bring deep heartfelt gratitude to you as well.  Wherever you find yourself this Holiday Season I wish you the most merriest festivities of all. Cheers to happiness, love and peace with a very sparkly New Year!*