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Sailing on


When you know, you know.  What a crazy, wild ride this journey of life is! If you’ve been following along my journey – first of all, thank you! Secondly, you’ll know that I let things with Dana Mermaid rest awhile as I took time to decide what direction I wanted to move into. My heart had grown tired of a lot of what I was doing.  I was still passionate about a message of inspiring women to reconnect to their brilliance & live their dreams through the calling of the ocean. I held a vision to leave behind retreats, write a book, start speaking more and hold custom events.

Although my passion is still very much alive, it recently became crystal clear to me that I’m done with what was and did all I could with my company. With all my heart and soul I was able to inspire families, kids and women to pursue a life and work that made their hearts sing! This along with the experiences I’ve had is more than enough to know that I left my mark (or “fluke print” in whale lingo) and it has all been worthwhile.

For now, I’ll be keeping my website up and still using social media under Dana mermaid until I decide my next steps. I may even still keep up with the occasional blog post. We shall see! This company is complete, but I am still very much alive and have great hope to continue sharing the inspirational experiences in a new way.

My heart is grateful and I’m looking forward to seeing what new creations the future holds.


I Walk The Line


HelloOooo Beautiful Mermaidens!

It’s been ages since I’ve written or posted here. For a variety of reasons I had to step away & breathe a bit to gain a new perspective. It’s been on my heart to write again and this quote seems to be the perfect addition to sharing more of why I stepped away..

To me, walking the line has involved doing what’s right, most importantly following my intuition & inner guidance. Unfortunately that never quite looks the way I think it should or would like it to. Perhaps you can relate?

Three years ago, I left Hawaii, my dolphins, my dream life as I knew it to rebrand and grow the company in a new direction. The swims and retreats had been fulfilling as a magical alchemical vessel for women’s transformation into their dream life and spiritual awakenings to take place. I’d witnessed it in myself & countless clientele. Although women would come to me seeking change and growth, I was still feeling challenged in getting the deeper message of what I offered out into the world & to be seen for more than just a ‘mermaid swim’.  I started helping women through consulting/coaching sessions where I became a mirror support for them to awaken their inner knowing by pursuing their heart’s dreams & desires.

It’s funny how life happens with all it’s twists, turns & segues. Over the last 8 years I poured my heart & soul into this company every step of the way into how it has evolved through the years. I had a zillion ideas of where I wanted & planned to go next.  Now, at this point I can honestly say I have no idea what will actually happen.

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Happy Hearts Day!*


Happy February and happy all things heart! Just splashing by to drop you a note to smile and enjoy whatever love life brings your way! There are opportunities everyday to tap into the magic of life and beauty all around and within us. Like water it is always best to go with the flow of change and growing which is not always easy in day to day life. The best ways to reconnect to our heart is really to stop and smell the roses! Slow down enjoy each moment and share some smiles to help others remember the joy, freedom and infinite possibility that is available to all!

“Love will find a way through paths where wolves fear to prey.” – Lord Byron

This is also a great time of year to rekindle your childlike wonder where the essence of true love lives, without limitation. Remember your inner mermaid and that spark of femininity who calls out to you to delight in the beauties of life’s magic.

Whether you fall in love with yourself, share love with others in need or enjoy your romantic love story I wish you the happiest of heart days with extra sparkles on top!*

One of my favorite passions is working with women entrepreneurs to tap into their hearts calling and get their dream out into the world in a bigger way! If you are ready to know your value, feel beautiful, reconnect to your passion and purpose by doing what makes your heart sing, let’s change the world together one splash at a time!

Dive in to our creative consulting packages to find out more about working together by emailing Team Mermaid today!

Stay sparkly,


Magic, Wonder & Festive Season!


May the magic and wonder of the Holiday Season stay with you throughout the coming year ~

Festive season is upon us! Truly a time for festivities, giving back, waking up to the wonder within and all around us in this amazing world we live. An opportunity to turn against the hustle and bustle and slow down to listen to our hearts, share blessings and smiles because isn’t that what life is all about?

Every day is a time for heart opening, singing, gladness, peace, magic, love and light to experience more of the wonderment and merriness that life has to offer. Winter holds space for letting go of the old and dreaming into the new, a time for twinkling lights and songs and gift giving. These moments are with us always inside our hearts and all around and now is when cultures unite in tradition so no matter what you celebrate this season, make space for the magic and lift your heart to the light.

What joy will you be celebrating this season? What traditions open your heart and lift your spirits?

“You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.” – Desiderata by Max Ehrmann c.1920

Blessings from my heart to yours for a magical, wonder filled Holiday!

Sparkle on this season and always ~


Who Inspires You?


Who inspires you in everyday life and why?

I’ve been personally reminiscing on this and wanted to share with you. Like waves in the sea we are all connected and I believe it’s the everyday heroes and sheros who weave a bit more magic into life’s tapestry.

“You and I are all as much continuous with the physical universe as a wave is continuous with the ocean.” – Alan Watts

I remember a dance teacher I had growing up who believed in me and lived her own life as a professional dancer with such passion and perseverance. Another English teacher in middle school brought out my talent for reading, writing and the art of drama even at times when I doubted myself. Their impact on me was profound.

A pivotal turning point in my life was in the year 2000 when I really begin to put into practice the spiritual principles that had been presented to me after years of truth seeking. As the saying goes, that when the student is ready the teacher appears. This person revolutionized my life with concepts of freedom that went against anything I had previously seen or heard in all my seeking and living. (Which although I was merely 21, I had been around more than one block in search of happiness on my journey of life.)

Over time I met people who have truly blessed my life and who I feel honored to know. I spent many years working with developmentally disabled adults and one in particular, a man named Kid Steele with Down Syndrome was one of my best teachers in the art of happiness. He has far surpassed the age of life that many downs live until and I dare say he may outlive us all with his open heart and playful spirit!

When I first began my years on the dolphin boat in Hawaii, I was crew, a guide and safety swimmer. Many people would come out desiring a connection in the open ocean with wild dolphins, but who had physical disabilities or fears to ‘swim’ through. One lady in particular I will never forget. I don’t remember her name and have no idea where she is now, but her spirit of pure joy left a mark. She was a woman paralyzed from the waist down, with no self pity, or qualms even with her complete need to rely on others as her guide and life support in the water. She was totally at ease. She was out an entire week with us with everyday different in the sea and experiencing a swim with dolphins. She shared stories of her world travels, being in Thailand during a Tsunami and having to rely on others to carry her to safety and through it all she remained humble, at peace and joy filled. She was physically paralyzed but did not let that stop her – her spirit was free and the world her oyster.

These are the everyday heroes, the ones who continue to shine their light after life takes it’s left turns. There are too many stories to add into this space, so I will leave you with these and open space for you to add on your own.

The ocean, dolphins and whales have been my greatest source of inspiration and continue to teach so much. The message of the sea is one that will continue to be marveled at, because truly no matter where we live, water is our home.

The best really is yet to come and there’s no telling what life will bring, no matter what adversity, there is always a greater light to behold. The mer magic is within us all!

Sparkle on!



The Lost Art of Femininity


Do you notice any stigma around the term, “femininity?”

Dive in to watch my latest video HERE.

I’m hosting a free call this Thursday on the Lost Art of Femininity. This is a topic I’m super passionate about and can’t wait to share more, especially how the message of the mermaid ties in!

Truly, it seems as though empowered women are sorely needed in the world today. More and more women are stepping up into leadership roles & careers to create change, yet the feminine aspect is still lacking in this masculine competitive and goal driven society.

Women are the life givers and change makers that much like mother ocean can truly influence the world in a big way. When one women awakens her spirit, she gives others the freedom to step up as well.

It’s time to ditch the status quo about what being a successful women is, time to quit “do”ing and begin “be”ing more to create greater impact, have our voices be heard and make a real difference. Time to create a new ideal about what it means to be a woman in leadership, be taken seriously as the beautiful goddess we are.

The essence of the mermaid is symbolic as an icon of Divine Femininity, tapped into the rhythm and flow of life, beautiful and alluring. She is calling to you to awaken your spirit and embody what it means to be a woman.

Let’s create a new wave of role models for the next generation to be intelligent, beautiful and empowered, unafraid of sharing their voice and leaving an imprint in the world. Being a women is not weak, emotional, indulgent or sensitive – Being a woman is in fact powerful in every way and your voice is needed.

Join in this supercharged conversation by dialing into my free call this Thursday! Register HERE and gain access to listen in live or receive the recording by email.

Dreams Are Like Baking


I love baking! Especially yummy heart shaped desserts! In following a recipe, it’s always necessary to do just that.. follow the recipe. Sometimes you can add in different things or replace others to add your unique flair and eventually you find something that works or else it doesn’t and then you go back to start from scratch with the original. Usually good recipes turn out better when they are followed.

I find this to be just as true for our dreams. We all have our own recipe inside of us to lead us towards living our dream. The basic ingredients usually include passion, purpose, love and joy. First you must decide to start, then gradually mix in those ingredients into your life. Everyday find ways to fuel your fire where you are inspiring someone else, living from your heart and doing what makes your heart sing. Mix that up and then get baked! This is when we are literally getting cooked by life, surrendering all of us to the Divine Plan for our lives that will lead us to more joy, more prosperity, more peace, more service, and more bliss! The key is not to be undercooked.. and definitely not to be overcooked.

This is where surrender comes in and really allowing the Universe to do what it does best… live us! It’s bound to be uncomfortable with emotions and fears coming up right and left, but if you stay steady and trust the process, keep your focus on the finished recipe = your dream and the best version of YOU, then you’ll be fine!

Next is where intuition comes in.. trusting yourself. When are are cleared out of expectation or fears and fully trusting the Universe, knowing the good that’s coming because you’ve committed to the recipe within your heart’s desire, then you will know when the time to move forward and out of the fire. This is when the world gets to enjoy you in your most expressed version, including you!

Wherever you are in your own dream living path; whether pondering your heart’s calling, deciding to commit to your heart no matter what, moving forward in mixing those delicious ingredients of passion, purpose, love & joy into your life, or if you are in the fire and baking… just remember that this world is designed for YOU to live fully in every way and is on your side.

Letting go of who you thought you were is essential and opening up to blossom into who you are meant to be is key. The world is ready for you! The buzzer goes off and it’s time to get livin!



Make Way For Your Grandest Dreams!

Ladies, how often do you feel burnt out in planning your work or home life, maybe even reading all those How-To’s?

Is time spent in nature, meditation, or spa days a part of your lifestyle or are those saved up luxuries for when you have more _________?

Do you add that style, flair & sparkle to your day by dressing up just for the fun of it?

Do you feel heart sing with everyday adventures?

Are you full of joy, peace & freedom to do what you want whether you are at work, alone or with family & friends?

Life certainly has its ups and downs, pain and darkness, yet there is a light within us full of infinite abundance waiting to be tapped. Much like the sea, our hearts hold all the magic, beauty and answers of life’s greatest happiness!

We all want to feel beautiful, amazing, loved and have the ability to inspire others along the way ~ for after all life is meant to be lived in it’s absolute fullest expression! 

Awakening your mermaid soul is like tapping the goldmine of life within! Living your brilliance is possible no matter where you live or what you presently do. Every moment is a moment to begin anew.

Hear how the message of the ocean will empower your life to awaken your soul to create the life of your dreams! Join me Saturday, August 8th at the legendary Valley Ho resort in Old Town Scottsdale, AZ. Pre-register for $45 ~

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I’m so looking forward to talking dreams with you in person!


Life is for Living, Love is for Giving*


“No water, no life. No blue, no green.” – Sylvia Earle

Let’s celebrate the sea – It’s World Ocean’s Day, but let’s make it everyday! oOoOoOoOo

Water, water, water! Where would we be without water? Dehydrated, shriveled up and dried out! The same is true for our spirits – where would we be without our hearts and spiritual well being? Stressed, struggling, sick and tired. 

The ocean as a life source reconnects us back into who we really are, that place within where magic, dreams and miracles begin. A place of joy, abundance, bliss and prosperity. The elusive “HOW” to get here is done with a simple decision. Decide to make spirit priority over your present circumstance and that will unlock the pathway to your dreams! Come hell or high water your heart must come first. This is the greatest challenge of all and one in which separates the dreamers from the dream livers.

In life there are two paths that come as a fork in the road. Staying on the path you are may remain in stuck, stress and struggle – aka steam rolled by life. Verging or merging to the next path will involve facing fears, challenges, bumps and windy diversions, but if you stay steady and continue focusing on, the light will shine brightly like the treasure under the rainbow at the end of the road.

Awaken Your Inner Siren & The World Is Your Oyster! 

If you choose the path of dream living and are ready to expand to your next level and would like support to stay accountable, gain clarity and discover the grandest dreams of your heart to create a lifestyle and career you love, find out how you can work with me HERE!  

For the month of June, we are offering a special bonus for any coaching package purchased, you will receive a FREE guided meditation to visualize your dreams to life by tapping into the power of the sea! Book an Ocean Power Hour in the month of June and you will automatically receive the bonus meditation audio download to launch you into your brilliance!

Look forward to swimming your dreams to life on land!



What makes your soul come alive?


Are you in love with your life & making a real difference in the world?

We don’t need to run a country to make change ~ every connection we have with another person creates impact. Even our moments spent alone send energy out into the world.

The happier we are, the more we help the world! So what lights your fire, stirs your soul to life, makes you come alive & helps your heart sing?

It’s so easy to get caught up in thinking or trying to figure everything out & then finding yourself stuck, stressed or settling somewhere in life. The ocean is the most refreshing avenue of all & is a catalyst in personal transformation!

In any life change or taking a leap of faith we must first begin with a vision or desire. The longer you think about the “how”, the longer you can easily stay stuck or spinning in circles. I’ve found the ocean is in itself a world of fun, magic & freedom. Our hearts are precisely the same!


Every answer we need is within & most oftentimes is just hidden by our own fears or ideas that need to be washed away. The first step on any dream living journey is to ask yourself “What do I want?” If what your heart really wants doesn’t match up to your actual living experience, then the most powerful step of all is to get to your “No More!” No more of __________ or being fully DONE with staying in any situation that is less than what your heart desires.

The challenges on the path of following your heart are far less than any you face when you allow your heart to suffocate. 

I’ve taken major leaps of faith along my own journey to live the life of my dreams & continue to leap even further! Why?? Because I know what a life is like spent suffering and not putting my heart first. The time we are giving will continue on whatever we choose, and choosing heart happiness first is what really creates change.

Every moment is an opportunity to build anew.Life is so much more than physical and mental, our spirits must come first. Our hearts are constantly growing & so must we to live our happy no matter what!

What is YOUR happy??

Stay tuned for some new audio from my own experiences in trailblazing a path and how you can achieve anything with a little bit of faith & a whole lot of passion!

I’m opening up a new mentorship program for women where you can work with me 1-1 for 30 days to get the full support you need to breakthrough to the next level of living your dreams! Mastermind with a real mermaid to clear away what blocks your guidance within – Contact Team Mermaid to apply! 

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“Dana helped me regain clarity, focus, and know the next steps to take so I can better serve my clients and my purpose. Connecting with Dana was exactly what I needed to get back to my vision and all the advice she gave me has made an ocean of difference.” Bobbie Jo Horkman,