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Launch Your Dreams for Earth Day!


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Wouldn’t it be amazing if you were living life fully expressed, free, happy and making money in a career doing what you love while helping the people who need your unique talents and gifts?

What is the leap that you’ve been wanting to take in your life or business, but are still holding back out of some type of fear or belief that you can’t right now or maybe not ever?

Are you stuck believing that what your life looks like right now is just “reality” that you have to conform to accept?

You can have a new reality and be living a life that YOU want to live in every way! 

It happened to me and I’ve witnessed the transformation in countless other women. It involves facing fears, old stories and letting go of people, places and things that are holding you back from real happiness – that temporary uncomfort is worth a lifetime of freedom!

At a certain point in the lives of every human, we face broken hearts, illness, disease or failure of some sort. With addiction, divorce, therapy and anti-depressants on the rise, it is time to discover a new way to live – one that’s both of service to the world and where we are genuinely happy.

The ocean is our biggest teacher in transformation and living an authentic life. The waves wash away all that stress and “land stuff”, the ocean is known for healing properties, there is nothing we need to gain to create prosperity.

The simple fact is what we need to clear away. Let your heart awaken to magnificence and tap back into the magic and flow of life. Where & how we are “be-ing” in life is key to what we actually experience.  Your inner state of freedom, joy and bliss will naturally attract more of that to you and help you each actualize your unique talents into the world in a bigger way creating waves of change!

By reconnecting to your passion & purpose, your life will expand!


We serve the world in bigger ways when we are true to our hearts and can help others shine brighter as well ~ Always swim towards the light, and if your heart isn’t lit up, then maybe it’s time to start!

Don’t forget to book one of our transformational coaching packages to receive your bonus Ocean Power Hour by midnight April 22! Make your dreams the new reality this Earth Day and contribute waves of joy to celebrate our Planet Ocean. Click here to book!

Lots of love & sea sparkles!


What makes your soul come alive?


Are you in love with your life & making a real difference in the world?

We don’t need to run a country to make change ~ every connection we have with another person creates impact. Even our moments spent alone send energy out into the world.

The happier we are, the more we help the world! So what lights your fire, stirs your soul to life, makes you come alive & helps your heart sing?

It’s so easy to get caught up in thinking or trying to figure everything out & then finding yourself stuck, stressed or settling somewhere in life. The ocean is the most refreshing avenue of all & is a catalyst in personal transformation!

In any life change or taking a leap of faith we must first begin with a vision or desire. The longer you think about the “how”, the longer you can easily stay stuck or spinning in circles. I’ve found the ocean is in itself a world of fun, magic & freedom. Our hearts are precisely the same!


Every answer we need is within & most oftentimes is just hidden by our own fears or ideas that need to be washed away. The first step on any dream living journey is to ask yourself “What do I want?” If what your heart really wants doesn’t match up to your actual living experience, then the most powerful step of all is to get to your “No More!” No more of __________ or being fully DONE with staying in any situation that is less than what your heart desires.

The challenges on the path of following your heart are far less than any you face when you allow your heart to suffocate. 

I’ve taken major leaps of faith along my own journey to live the life of my dreams & continue to leap even further! Why?? Because I know what a life is like spent suffering and not putting my heart first. The time we are giving will continue on whatever we choose, and choosing heart happiness first is what really creates change.

Every moment is an opportunity to build anew.Life is so much more than physical and mental, our spirits must come first. Our hearts are constantly growing & so must we to live our happy no matter what!

What is YOUR happy??

Stay tuned for some new audio from my own experiences in trailblazing a path and how you can achieve anything with a little bit of faith & a whole lot of passion!

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“Dana helped me regain clarity, focus, and know the next steps to take so I can better serve my clients and my purpose. Connecting with Dana was exactly what I needed to get back to my vision and all the advice she gave me has made an ocean of difference.” Bobbie Jo Horkman,

Luck of the Irish

I’ve not yet been to Ireland, but It’s definitely on my list of places still to visit! With legends of magical fairytales and hearts full of love including many mermaid stories as well, Ireland’s folklore is hard to resist. The Irish term for mermaid is Merrow, meaning half woman and half fish typically appearing with green hair. So with Saint Patrick’s Day this week, let’s get into the spirit by dancing, wearing green and above all believing in the magic of life!


Life is such a funny little journey, with so many adventures woven into the grand tapestry. It has been a year since I set sail to begin a new chapter! My soul was ready for change and I am still in the midst of change continuing to live a life of a traveling mer gypsy!

The thing about traveling before setting roots is that life’s subtle changes become much more apparent. It’s easy to take for granted certain material securities when we are settled into a way of life that works without realizing that we are always changing and growing. Without acknowledging our own growth we can sometimes become stagnant and settle into a life that isn’t happy, spending days pretending it is out of fear of change. I see this everywhere in the world and the ocean has always been a place for many as a cleansing and refreshing vacation.



Cleaning out our hearts and minds is just as important, if not more so than cleaning our homes. Life continues on and nature is our surest teacher in that, the ocean most especially and it is up to us to be in line with our heart’s growth. Green stands for growth and we must continue growing into our most brilliant Selves no matter what! One of the biggest problems I see in the world is settling and forgetting our value, who we really are and our connection to this Planet Ocean. True happiness is so much greater than our physical surroundings and far better than superficial joys. It’s true the pains of admitting life may not be the way we want or having to go through any life change is challenging, but isn’t the overall pain of staying stuck in a life of unhappiness worse? Life is on life’s side, which means that no matter the temporary hardship, any step you take towards a life of love, freedom and happiness, the Universe will meet you the rest of the way. There’s been so many times in my own life I’ve had to take these leaps of faith and each time thinking surely I will never have to do that again! Ha! The Universe laughs. I don’t think there ever will be a time we get “there”, every moment we live involves both pain and joy which is a part of being human. The wonderful gift is that we are over 70% water, which officially mermaidifies and connects us to the ocean no matter where we live. The sea as our greatest teacher embodies the ebb and flow and consistant refreshing of the old to emerge renewed as our intrinsic life source. So the message this month is to splash onward towards your happy! Perhaps your passion has changed as your heart does and it’s time to adjust your sails again and find new light, new love, and renewed life within to shine your gifts into the world in an even brighter and bolder way. Sail onward, dear mermaids and hope to see you on the high seas of life!


Be the Change

Team White-0003

Have you ever met someone and later learned their story which inspired you deeper towards the power of the human spirit? This month we dedicate our newsletter to Carmen Leolani White, a beautiful bright light and courageous girl who absolutely loved dolphins, mermaids and fairies! Her time on earth ended far too soon, and yet her spirit and legacy lives on through the work of her family and friends who have put together Team Carmen. They are raising money to continue the Leukemia and Lymphoma society’s funding of the breakthrough development of therapies that have already saved and continue to save thousands of lives. If you are considering donating to a cause this year, please consider donating in Carmen’s honor and/or pass this link on to those who may want to help as well. I just donated and if you feel inspired, please join in and let’s create a link of light for those in need!

As Mahatma Gandhi quoted, let us all be the change we wish to see in the world.

It’s a New Year and a new opportunity to pay it forward and add some love to another child’s life and their family! Here is the link where you can help: Team Carmen Donation Link. I know Carmen’s spirit will be dancing with dolphins, mermaids and fairy dust, being overjoyed with how her life continues to make a difference with each prayer and donation to help.


The dolphins are some of our greatest teachers in how they live and relate to one another. We are all united and when we spread joy, we open up space within our own hearts for more healing and happiness. Wishing you all a joy filled January and may you remember the magic of the sea is swimming all around you in life!

Much Love & Sea *Sparkles*


Find Love Right Where You Are.


Life is a series of experiences that brings us back to where we begin to start anew.

Growing up I was passionate about dance and the arts. I even believed I would have a professional dancing career. I also believed I would fall in love and have children and live some fairy tale life. My actual life experience has been quite different than my childhood dream. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened had I been able to pursue a career in dance, or finding marriage or children.. certainly my life would look a lot different than it is now. I believe in life that we do have choices, and yet I also believe in a unique destiny for each of us and that life has a bigger plan no matter how much we distract ourselves along the way.

My life has become it’s own fairy tale, one in which I’ve gone down the rabbit hole, slayed dragons in the dark forests and rather than rescue by a knight, I’ve discovered both the dragon and knight is within me.  My love story has involved falling in love with life, falling in love with myself, learning to love others and is continually evolving as I grow. One thing has always remained a constant in my journey and that is the sea which has always brought me back to ‘me’.  The ocean reminds us what life is about, who we are and ultimately connects us to that higher power that lives and breathes us each moment along the way.

This song by Ed Sheeran called “Thinking out Loud” moves me so much and I want to share the link with you. Have you heard it yet? I absolutely adore it and hope you enjoy it as well ~

Much love and sea sparkles*


Tradition, Sparkles & all that shimmers!*


The Holidays are a time of celebration and tradition. Families, friends and cultures from all over the world share their love in timeless traditions new and old. Some can be spiritual while others are material. What are your traditions as we get ready to ring in a new year? For myself, in looking back on the past year I accomplished an amazing amount in the midst of massive life change, and yet much of my intentions also did not materialize. I am a firm believer in listening to intuition, creating visions and being willing to release them, having faith in a greater good and higher purpose so that when what I intend doesn’t take place, I know that something greater will come. There are lessons hidden within all, both celebratory and otherwise. 2014 became a year of personal growth, new direction, rebranding, rejuvenation, forgiveness, miracles and presence with pivotal family moments woven in.

For the Holiday Festivites, coming from European and Scandinavian descent, my Grandmother would cook up a delicious meal every year. This was the first year, that I cooked her meals from scratch, from Norwegian meatballs to sweet soup and lefse. Although my Grandparents’ physical presence are no longer here, the legacy of tradition and spirit is left behind. Growing up I always wanted to break free of tradition, but now I see more clearly that life includes challenges and suffering and every chance to bring a bit of love, joy and luxury into the lives of loved ones is an opportunity to see God’s grace.

My prayer is for everyone in the world to find peace with themselves and to reach into the heart of life to embrace old traditions and even start new ones. To spread joy, laughter and love by waking up to a life full of contentment. Light a candle, look back on what was left behind, release what no longer serves you, discover what you need has been within you all along, and find your readiness to shine bright into 2015.

*** I’ve decided to start the New Year with a continued personal break and will be accepting applications for private coaching clients and Elite Excursion retreats in Spring 2015. If you’d like an opportunity to work with me one-on-one to revolutionize your life and career, we will have limited spaces available next Spring and I look forward to being a part of your journey to shine brighter in the world!* Email Team Mermaid at and until then stay inspired with us on social media and cheers to the magic of Newness!*

Cheers to you, darlings and to a very *sparkly* New Year!



Focus, Commitment & Love


Focus, commitment and love are 3 keys to unlock the door to happiness in creating a lifestyle and career of your dreams! Ask any seafarer and she’ll tell you that every ocean journey begins with a charted pathway but once you set sail you must always be open to changes of wind along the way. Apply this to life on land and know that once you chart your path for life and business it’s important to always stay open, listen to intuitive guidance that may not always make sense and trust that you will need to adjust your sails. Life is meant to be lived and as we are always evolving individually and as a collective whole, it’s necessary to root into land, and flow like water. When we stay focused on what it is we want we can root into our deep commitment that will help us persevere through any storm life brings. When we get clear on the why we want to be living or working a certain way, that love will empower and fuel our vision through a deeper sense of purpose and service to the world. Physically we are shedding old cells daily, so we must also shed the inner ideas that no longer serve our growth. Making a decision to expand and move forward into the life you are destined for involves releasing any and all ways of living that are blocking that newness.

The key that will bring about freedom is to ask your deepest self –
“what do I want?”
“What brings me happiness?”

Ultimately, “What makes my heart sing?”
Sometimes it takes a good swim or yoga or even getting a massage to get into our bodies and get the message our heart wants us to hear. This world can at times be based on fast paced goals and it’s necessary to slow it down a bit and get back to what is really important. Swim out of logic land and into your heart space that has the answers you need to find joy.

Live fun, feminine and free – Discover your Self in the sea! Oo

Live life fully, completely and joyously. 

Fall in love with life

Quit your job, book a trip, take a chance and above all fall in love with life so life can fully and completely love you back. In this day and age, we are in a society where it’s becoming a necessity to step up and put joy first. Over two thirds of Americans are prescribed anti-depressants, divorce rates are increasing, and therapists have one of the highest job securities on the market. Why is this? With social standards that teach goals and productivity, and material gain for value, happiness slowly slides away and is replaced by status. With the zillion “How to’s” out there, it becomes hard for entrepreneurs to decipher the way to sustain happiness while building a career. There is no “How to” when it comes to happiness and there is ultimately nothing you need to be set free to live the life of your dreams. You have everything you need within. Like a beautiful high grade Tahitian pearl, your heart is unique and pure and knows everything you need to be happy. One of the best decisions I ever made was 14 years ago after everything I owned was stolen, my friend bought me a backpack and I purchased a bikini and a round trip ticket to Hawaii. With dolphin dreams and a desire to be free I stayed and used the return flight a year later for vacation. I had no way of knowing what transformative and amazing adventures lay before me, yet I knew that it was the one thing that felt completely and totally right. I have no idea what chapters are yet to come, but I do know that my core mission is to carry the lessons I’ve learned and experienced to shine out into the world and inspire others. Part of the beauty lies in knowing that inner joy and freedom is carried with me no matter where I go.

“Being happy never goes out of style.” – Lilly Pulitzer

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Remember who YOU are


In order to have relationships, we must first empty our minds to become teachable.  In guiding women or kids on retreats into the sea, I always encourage respect and openness to learn as we are entering a new and magical world.  Much like the sea, if we embody this teaching in our lives on land with each other and with ourselves, the journey into the heart can become a new and fun adventure.  I recently completed a heel challenge where I got to wear heels every day for a week no matter where I was going – it was actually quite fun! I was interested to see the different remarks from people I shared this with.  To me, life under the sea or on land can be an ultimate playground – life is meant to be fun filled and shared with others.  I no longer seek validation or approval from others and dressing up is simply that – for fun! This freedom is all encompassing and a large part of what happens for women on our retreats.  So, when many people where stricken with horror at the thought of my wearing heels, I didn’t take notice for myself – however I did think of children playing dress up.  For example, if adults told children to never wear heels and expressed the pain of doing so,  then what would have once been a fun playtime idea would now become tainted with their negative opinions.  Sadly this happens way too much in this world and children grow up with limiting stories and fears that end up blocking happiness.  Of course, I also received comments of pure stoke and joy to celebrate my venture for what it was as being a new and fun adventure. Now that, my friends is awesome!! Can you just imagine how great this world would be and how amazing you would feel if everyone celebrated each other without judging or tearing each other down out of their limiting fears?  Oh my mermaid goodness, that is precisely a very large part of our mermaid mission! So here’s a mermaid tip from me, the sea and the dolphins swimming all the way to you –

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Healing Ocean, Healing Heart


Spring has sprung! Whatever hemisphere of the world you live in, the seasons are shifting into Spring or Fall.  It’s a time of change with leaves turning colors and flowers blooming.  I believe as women, we are much like flowers and made to bloom in our most beautiful and brightest way.  Life equates growth – and growing up into our highest version can sometimes be quite painful.  Growing pains are very real and yet very necessary to come into bloom.  Where in your life do you resist growth out of fear of the pain or discomfort?  Sometimes it seems that the easier softer way is to remain the same.  In finding something, someone, or someplace that you love – it can be so easy to want to stay there forever even when you know deep down within that you want more and maybe even need more to embody your full talents.  Sometimes the wanting more can be an act of service to the world and yet, in doing so, may involve letting go or moving on.  It is the heart’s deepest desire to become the image and likeness of our creator, that which is infinite love, ever changing and creating for the betterment of all.  In every moment we become renewed physically, mentally and spiritually and so, by resisting that fact and spiritual law of growth is when ‘stuckness’ ensues.  The fastest way to get unstuck is by dipping yourself in the sea! If you’re not near the sea or the weather is too cold, try a sea salt bath.  The ocean is our biggest teacher of the ebb and flow, reminding us who we are and where we come from.

“To heal the ocean, we must heal ourselves.” – Dr. Rod Fujita

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