I Walk The Line


HelloOooo Beautiful Mermaidens!

It’s been ages since I’ve written or posted here. For a variety of reasons I had to step away & breathe a bit to gain a new perspective. It’s been on my heart to write again and this quote seems to be the perfect addition to sharing more of why I stepped away..

To me, walking the line has involved doing what’s right, most importantly following my intuition & inner guidance. Unfortunately that never quite looks the way I think it should or would like it to. Perhaps you can relate?

Three years ago, I left Hawaii, my dolphins, my dream life as I knew it to rebrand and grow the company in a new direction. The swims and retreats had been fulfilling as a magical alchemical vessel for women’s transformation into their dream life and spiritual awakenings to take place. I’d witnessed it in myself & countless clientele. Although women would come to me seeking change and growth, I was still feeling challenged in getting the deeper message of what I offered out into the world & to be seen for more than just a ‘mermaid swim’.  I started helping women through consulting/coaching sessions where I became a mirror support for them to awaken their inner knowing by pursuing their heart’s dreams & desires.

It’s funny how life happens with all it’s twists, turns & segues. Over the last 8 years I poured my heart & soul into this company every step of the way into how it has evolved through the years. I had a zillion ideas of where I wanted & planned to go next.  Now, at this point I can honestly say I have no idea what will actually happen.

I’m writing this partly for myself, but mainly for the women I’ve worked with whose lives I was blessed to see change & perhaps even for the women who I’ve yet to work with in the future who are craving a soul awakening experience to rekindle their dreams to life. .. Also for those women who are going through something similar, needing to know they are not alone. Although I’ll admit to thinking about giving up a zillion & a half times, questioning what the heck I’m doing – I can absolutely vouch for my steadfast determination to keep going no matter what!

I took passion & a dream, built a company that evolved through the years and succeeded in ways I never imagined which have grown me along with the failures. I’ve since stepped away, which is sometimes necessary. Change happens & life turning out far different than planned is ok. In my past experience I know that something far better is always in store!

But I digress, back to my original post.. . 8 months ago I was tired. I had undergone familial tragedies & needed space to grieve the loss of people, places, ideas, things, & even the loss of who I used to be. Sending newsletters became a chore rather than a motivation to inspire & let’s face it you can’t inspire when you are burnt out.

Being a human is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.. especially returning to both the suffering & joys of the human world after life in the islands. Dreaming, playing & being a real life mermaid, tapped into the magic while communing with wild whales & dolphins was & will remain one of the highlights & greatest chapters of my life. I love working with kids, but kids are like dolphins – they are our teachers in play.. it’s adults that need ‘remembering’ the wonder & magic of life, ultimately who we really are.  This is my greatest passion to awaken women to their brilliance through the calling of the sea.

With that said, I have no idea what’s next.. . I do know that my passions are the same, as they still continue to burn inside of me! I know the magic of what I created is real. Whether my company will grow in a new way or something entirely different blossoms.. I am comforted in knowing there has been a reason, season & gift of greater good for it all.

Here’s a piece of my heart from me to you in all it’s grammatical imperfection. (I can at times be known as the queen of run ons & hereby decided to post as is without an edit.)  I hope that wherever you are in life, you find the courage to go on, be the youest of yous & allow that next adventure to surface!

Thank you for your love, support & overall being a part of my path. I still plan to continue taking time & space to just ‘be’, allowing whatever is meant to be to grow & bloom in it’s own due time.

Until then my friends, stay sparkly!*




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