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Isn’t this the truth plan and simple? Realistically not easy in any way. There’s always such a process to everything in life. Knowledge is nice, awareness opens the door and then there’s the messy and uncomfortable journey through experience to get to the other side of realization. What am I talking about, you ask? Well, I’m not even sure really.. just sort of free writing at the moment as my intuition is guiding me back into writing. Where it will lead I have no idea. Unedited, messy, free flow, with run on sentences galore!!

There’s so many rules in life and business.. rules that lead to getting something or pleasing someone and you just can’t do that and be happy.  So here’s the deal. Fear… that lovely yet cringe worthy word that we all have, know and experience at some point or for many of us at all points of life. And yet it comes out in different ways for each of us. I’ve taken countless people of all walks of life into the open ocean to face their fears of the sea and what’s in it. For me, I’m more comfortable in the ocean than on land so I don’t relate to their fears in that sense.. but I do understand and know what fear is like. For me land sharks (humans) are to be more feared that real sharks in the sea. Let’s face it people can be selfish and mean no matter where you turn. Yet, if you look carefully (sometimes it takes effort) and keep putting good out, you will find the good because the Universe and all of us are inherently good. But I digress.. the ultimate of all fears are those voices in our heads that come out in fear of what people think, need for status, attention, security all stemming from a zillion catrillion old ideas that become this system of how we base our lives. No wonder so many people are unhappy and stuck in routine robotic lives where their souls are suffering dreaming of dreams that seemingly died long ago.. .

I’ve been in a place of deep inner reflection – who am I now and what do I want? What am I meant to do with my life moving forward as the new me? What brings me joy? How can I be most helpful? All questions I’ve given the women I’ve had the pleasure of coaching in the past and recently have given myself the gift of time and space to realize my own next chapter which is sometimes necessary. When I left Hawaii three(ish) years ago, I had the intuition to move into working specifically with women, but I wasn’t fully ready to also release the programs I did with kids and corporate. I had big visions (which I must say there is absolutely nothing wrong with), but I was holding on to all of what I did in the past, who I was and also who others saw me as. I’m good with kids, always have been. I especially love those special children who hold magic and wonder in their eyes, those with special needs, the wisdom of elderly and of course the dolphins and whales.. all are deeply authentic which is what my soul is drawn to.

But here’s the deal – I knew that women are the ones who needed my message most. The women who have lost their value, got lost in materialism or stuck in old ideals and needed help to realize their heart’s deepest dreams. 

I just wasn’t ready to fully step into this and this alone.. I had wrestled inside myself with being called a ‘coach’. There are so many now and too many people are telling others what to do which I don’t buy into at all. So I tried calling myself a mentor, then a consultant then nothing at all because who needs a label anyways, I shouldn’t box myself in. I struggled with empowerment because technically I wasn’t the one giving the power – the power comes when our spirit awakens. I was aiding my clients to discover the truth within themselves and the ocean played a vital part in the transformational process. A few years ago I found an old paper I had written on women empowerment from middle school, which was a subtle hint that um, hey maybe this is actually a part of my life purpose and everything has been leading up to this and this alone.

Then there’s the factor of how I couldn’t get people to see what it is I really offered. I wasn’t an entertainer, it wasn’t just a vacation retreat or a simple swim or a fun day. That everything I did from the very beginning whether taking people to swim with dolphins, taking photos, guiding retreats, hosting Skype sessions, the Elite Mermaid Experience… all of it was from my very core passion on the importance of ‘living your dreams’ and how the ocean is an alchemical vessel to awaken your spirit. This evolved into the message of the mermaid who symbolizes the feminine value within us all, fully tapped into the abundance and magic of life.

Fast forward to now. .. I’ve been diving deep into myself to hear what my heart has to say. Am I done? Do I need to move in a new direction, create something new entirely or is there something I haven’t thought of.. . ? I’ve walked through some uncomfortable life shtuff that needed to be faced, let go of and dealt with.  I’m not the same person I was and yet I am the same person I’ve always been. I don’t know what the future holds, but I do know this: I’m not done. How that looks exactly I’ve yet to see… I’ve dropped my resistance of sharing all of who I really am and what I’m all about and am letting it all just be so I can be more of me. (Which, let’s face it is essentially a lifelong process in itself because it’s an ongoing walk in growing, letting go of the old and worn out so we can move into more *new new new* which continues for our entire lives… . ) In a conversation it was mentioned that a good coach is someone who creates space for each person to discover for themselves their own inner truth. Which nailed it. That’s what I do best, what inspires and brings to life so much joy for me. Done and done.

I love both nature and life’s luxuries. Having the freedom to follow my heart and be tapped into the spiritual power source that lives and breathes us is priceless. The Universe has tapped me on the shoulder and said “you’re it” this is what you must do (for now) and maybe it will change (as it does), but it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks or says – most especially myself.

It’s like jumping off a cliff (I’ve done it and have used this analogy with clients as I’m personally scared of heights!) If my spirit moves me to cliff jump, the longer I wait on that cliff.. the louder my mind will get and my feet will grow roots… meaning my soul suffers and I lose all incentive. Point being: if my soul asks me to do something, even if I judge it, am scared of it or may lose something or someone… then so be it I have to follow my inner direction. The consequences of soul suffering is far worse.. not to mention the people who I’ll miss helping if I don’t follow through.

So there we have it. Moving forward I’ve decided to only work as a women empowerment coach and speaker. No corporate, no kids, and no retreats. That may change in future, but if it does everything will be vastly different from what I’ve done in the past. Oh yes, I’m also continuing to work on my next book.. (have shelved it for a year and am ready to commit to finishing). Who really knows, this could all change and evolve in a completely different direction than I think because that’s generally how it all works anyway. I’m not interested in sending out newsletters at the moment, but will be responding to the call of writing on the blog here when it comes. Eventually my site will feature the changes, for now I’m taking things slow.

In sharing this I hope that it sparks a light within you, wherever you are at on your journey to awaken some inspiration of what it is you really want to do in your life right now.

Our job is to listen to our hearts, take the next indicated step, trust in spirit and let go of how it all unfolds. Will see what the future holds.

The sky is the limit and as every mermaid knows.. there are no limits when it comes to our hearts! 


2 responses on “Just Breathe

  1. andrea patton

    Thank you for sharing your journey, insights and not holding parts of yourself back. Humans can relate to life being messy. I see you passion when it comes to helping women live there dreams. Curious to see where the ride leads and hopefully enjoy the process and moment.

  2. Dana Richardson Post author

    Andrea – thank you for taking the time to comment. All about the zig to the zag these days.. I’m curious to see where the ride leads as well! Here’s to enjoying the process as it goes and each moment whether messy or miraculous! And if we don’t enjoy every moment that’s ok too.

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