Lights, Camera, Stars!


Just imagine if life was a runway and everyday you had the opportunity to walk the world’s stage with your own personal style!

In fact, we each have our own runways and everyone looks a bit unique. How will you live your life differently if you viewed your day from this perspective?

Fall is a season of harvest and it can also be a good time to allow your life and heart to do the work of shining for you.

“That quiet place inside of her was getting louder and louder.” ~ Anonymous

Isn’t it true that the happier you are the more joy you bring to others? 

What lights you up inside or sets your soul afire?

Let’s live like this quote from Paul Simon – “Today I’ve got nothing to do today but smile.”

Lifestyle is truly a life lived in style and it’s unique to each of us. What is your style? Your groove, that thang that no one else has? Light it up, babes and set the world afire! 

Oh – and Happy Fall!! I’m so looking forward to those changing leaves, pumpkin spices, hot cider, warm sweaters and so much more!

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Sparkle On!


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