If you are a woman ready to infuse your life’s work with more fun, femininity & freedom – welcome! We offer several packages to support you in designing a lifestyle and career you love.

Illuminate Your Brilliance, Find Joy and Live Your Dreams! Learn how the vast, abundant ocean is your greatest teacher to infinite prosperity.

Ladies, are you:

Settling in some area of your life or business?

Waiting for ______ to do what makes your heart sing?

Professionally successful but find yourself craving freedom & fun?

Are you ready to finally:

  • Free yourself from limiting beliefs & tap the magic of life.
  • Create beauty in your everyday work with awakened enthusiasm.
  • Broaden your impact in the world.

Our transformational coaching packages support professional woman to ditch “logic land” by reconnecting back into their hearts and discover passion & purpose. Expand into limitless possibility & be empowered to create that fun, fabulous lifestyle you desire.

Your heart’s dreams are far greater than anything your mind can conceive on it’s own, you just need listen. Similar to a whale’s fluke print, you have your own distinct imprint to leave in the world and by igniting your joy you create a ripple effect in helping others.

Transcend obstacles, awaken your spirit and become a powerful force in the world. 



Make way for your grandest dreams!


Carpe Diem
The world needs you to ignite your light and shine!
Take your business vision to the next level.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” ~ Mark Twain

testimonials“Dana worked with me on business mentorship and life coaching, and she was instrumental to my process of getting out of my worried head and into my trusting, loving heart.” Tracy McDonald,

“In less than an hour, I came out with new focus for my business, something I have been trying to put my finger on for months and just haven’t been able to pull together until now. I am so much clearer on who my ideal clients are, what I want to offer, and what my next steps will be to take my business to the next level. I am excited and on fire about my business again!” Jennifer Nassi,

“Dana helped me regain clarity, focus, and know the next steps to take so I can better serve my clients and my purpose. Connecting with Dana was exactly what I needed to get back to my vision and all the advice she gave me has made an ocean of difference.” Bobbie Jo Horkman,

“Dana is very intuitive and was able to pinpoint the exact area, which was holding me back from creating the fun & fabulous, lifestyle & business I so desired. Within 5 minutes of talking through a huge money block, which had been holding me back from as long as I can remember, it was completely gone!” Jessica Nazarali,

“I was at a crossroads in my life, not sure what to do next with my business. I had lost my mentor and my way, and was looking to move things to the next level. Dana helped me to understand what was happening and helped me to connect to myself and my vision in a totally new way. We identified blocks, and then she guided me on how to remove them. Dana showed me where to look, but didn’t tell me what to see as any great teacher or mentor would. In just 2 months of coaching with Dana I found clarity & created a solid platform for my own unique program I’m ready to launch. I feel renewed, happy and ready to take that leap of faith and help as many people as I can with courage, faith and joy. Thank you Dana, sending you many sparkles, bubbles and love!” Barbara Kawa,

If you are ready to set your dreams in motion -Dive in HERE to apply!


I look forward to working with you & seeing you shine as the star you are!


Dana Richardson, internationally known as Dana Mermaid, with her childlike wonder, love for the sea, and in-depth knowledge of ocean life, inspires women to awaken their power and reconnect to their heart’s calling through her deeply felt and fun presentations. Dana has a background as a Marine Mammal Naturalist, Free Diver, Underwater Photographer, USCG 100-ton Licensed Boat Captain, and has spent many thousands of hours as an expert ocean guide in the water free-diving with the wild dolphins and whales embodying her brand message as a real life mermaid. As an ocean advocate, women empowerment speaker, dolphin whisperer, and mermaidpreneur she offers a unique view of life through the lens of the sea. Her unique engagements are perfect for women entrepreneurs who are looking to reconnect with their passion and purpose, open their hearts, and experience greater success and abundance.

Inspiring women one splash at a time!