Experiences for KidsDana Mermaid fills children’s hearts with the message of play, tales of magic, connection to the ocean, and encouragement to leave trails of sparkles wherever they go. Not only does she ignite a sense of wonder for life in the sea, she educates them to the preservation and conservation of it – in an exciting and entertaining way.

Dana Mermaid recognizes and has names for wild dolphins, and in return they know her. With thousands of hours in the water she shares epic tales of her ocean adventures with children, providing them with a fun, sparkling, and educational experience.

There is nothing quite as magical for children than having a real life mermaid grace them with her presence.

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Unique ocean presentations

  •  Fun, inspiring and educational for children of all ages
  •  Experience the enchantment of the ocean.
  •  Dana Mermaid educates your small fish about marine life, the inner workings of the ocean, Polynesian culture, and how one person can make a difference on land and in the sea.
  •  Each child will discover they can leave their unique imprint, much like a whale’s fluke print, creating a positive impact in the world.
  •  Children learn how to apply lessons of the sea into their lives to achieve any dream.

Swim with Dana Mermaid and have the chance to hold onto her tail for a super fun mermaid ride.

  • Parental paparazzi encouraged
  •  All ages and swim levels welcome
  •  Each child receives a special Sea Star Souvenir

Your personal mermaid to make a splash at your next event

  • Pool, ocean or showcase on land to interact with children and share personalized stories of the sea

Be guided into the sea with wild dolphins

  •  Swim with wild dolphins & be guided by a dolphin whisperer who the dolphins know and will respond to in a unique way

Leave with memories to last a lifetime

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“Our daughter, Sienna was amazed and captivated with Dana Mermaid. Now she truly believes in mermaids and feels both empowered and compelled to protect our Oceans.” – Dominique Cano-Stocco, U.S. Responsible Fishing Director – Oceana

“We have always wanted to swim like real mermaids practicing in our pool at home in the summer. This year our dreams came true!” – Grace, Eilea, and Olive Andrews

“Dana Mermaid has a brilliant and soulful connection with the ocean, its inhabitants, and its importance to us all. Her passion captivates children with the idea that they are all in fact “Ambassadors of the Ocean”. I can’t imagine anything better than a real mermaid who knows her dolphin friends by name, to instill the kind awareness and respect that will drive a young generation to be more thoughtful and proactive when it comes to protecting the sea amidst the challenges it faces. Her authentic and passionate delivery of the wisdom that she holds so near and dear to her heart will surely have a positive impact on anyone who is listening.” – Alana Morrison