For the everyday Leading Lady

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This podcast interview series features empowered women, dreamers, movers and shakers who are living lives as inspirational as the sea, overcoming obstacles & making a splash in the world.

  • Don’t women essentially all want to be happy, beautiful, & free? Ladies, it’s time to step up, live your dream & leave a sparkle trail!

Today, girls and women today are in need of healthy empowered role models more than ever.  Just like the sea brings waves of inspiration, may this podcast expand your reality into unlimited possibility. Listen in to expertise and inspiration from women of all fields & nationalities who are leaving their imprint in a big way!

Joy is the Number One way to inspire positive change in the world & when more women step up, find their voice and claim their dreams, we create ripples of change across this Planet Ocean!

alohadana_03 copyI’m your host! Catch up on my bio below & you can also dive into my full story here.

Dana Richardson, internationally known as Dana Mermaid, with her childlike wonder, love for the sea, and in-depth knowledge of ocean life, inspires people of all ages to awaken their power and reconnect to their heart’s calling through her deeply felt and fun presentations. Dana has a background as a Marine Mammal Naturalist, Free Diver, Underwater Photographer, USCG 100-ton Licensed Boat Captain, and has spent many thousands of hours as an expert ocean guide in the water swimming with the wild dolphins and whales and embodying her brand message as a real life mermaid. As an ocean advocate, women empowerment speaker, dolphin whisperer, and mermaidpreneur she offers a unique view of life through the lens of the sea.

Love, Dana Mermaid

  • The Art of FemininityDana Richardson hosts this inspired call on the lost art of femininity.  Dive into how the mermaid message is key to awakening and empowering ladies with big vision to set a new paradigm for what it means to be a woman today. Enjoy and listen in HERE!



  • Oct 20, 2015A supercharged fun interview with Caroline Sanchez, The Hula Hoop Girl! Be inspired with Caroline’s passion, purpose and vision to empower women and raise the bar for healing through hospice and community. Enjoy & listen in HERE!


Caroline Sánchez is the creator and founder of The Hula Hoop Girl, an Embodied Movement Meditation Practice that guides women to reconnect to their own natural born rhythm while feeling empowered to self-resource and self-express through the transformational power of body play. Caroline’s Masters Thesis “Hoop Dancing to Prevent and Decrease Burnout and Compassion Fatigue Among Nurses” has been published both in the Journal of Emergency Nursing and the University of California San Diego’s Nursing Journal. She works closely with women diagnosed with breast cancer, providing loving support and guidance throughout their surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments. Caroline’s ecstatic hoop dance flow has been described as mesmerizing, whimsical, and Graceful. She is a movement guide, a poet, a writer, an Earth advocate, and a women’s advocate.  Her life’s work as an Embodied Movement Meditation Educator and Nurse Educator is soulfully dedicated to guiding women to move into and dance in the center of their joy through the exploration of their own rhythmic expression through the gateway of the body, while feeling empowered to share their uniqueness with the world. You can find out more and contact Caroline at www.TheHulaHoopGirl.com.


  • June 30, 2015 LIVE INSPIRED – This is officially the inspiration station interview & super fun conversation call with Kristy M. Ayala. This audio is content rich with the top questions we’ve both gotten over the years on how to live and continue to stay inspired while growing into the next level personally & professionally. We share some of our own stories & experiences in ‘taking the leap’ as well. Enjoy and listen in HERE!

Kristy InstagramKristy is an Author, Professional Speaker, Life Coach, and Intuitive Counselor. With both her Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology, Kristy uses her professional and educational background in conjunction with her spiritual gifts to best support her clients. Kristy believes in providing a balanced support system when working with clients which includes body, mind, and spirit. Kristy is a Professional Life Coach, Angel Therapy® Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Clairvoyant Medium, Licensed Yoga Instructor, and Radio Show Host. You can visit Kristy at www.kristymayala.com