• Are you a woman desiring to stay centered in joy surrounded by hustle, bustle & stress?
  • Do you long to express your inner beauty & brilliance, but find yourself settling or playing small?
  • Are you seeking deeper connection & influence?
  • Are you feeling burnout from daily demands & routine of business as usual?
  • Do you desire a connection to the call of the sea & Divine Femininity in your life’s work?

Merging logic land of our heads with dream land of our hearts.. . can at times seem impossible.

As Audrey Hepburn says, “Nothing is impossible, even the word itself says I’m possible.”

As women, don’t we all just want to feel beautiful, seen as who we really are and make a lasting difference in the lives we touch? I still see so many women, successful in many ways, yet struggling to stay connected to their hearts in everyday life while balancing leadership with femininity.

Life, like the sea, contains a world of rhythm & magic beneath the surface.  You must dive in to fully discover the treasure. The ocean is the most powerful vessel I’ve found to tap into your heart’s calling and shine as the star you are.

In this presentation you will:

  • Learn how the ocean will empower you to break free of limitation by dialing into your infinite source of treasures untold.
  • Be energized to pursue your grandest dreams and leave ready to discover your radiance.
  • Awaken fun & femininity with a siren shimmer station to get your glitter on! This is a wonderful opportunity to allow the playful spirit of your youth to shine through, & illuminate your brilliance with some extra sparkle!
  • Come dressed up in whatever makes you feel fabulous! Let out your inner fashionista!

The mermaid symbolizes a deep connection to the magic of life, essence of a woman’s spirit and she is calling you to awaken the beautiful pearl within.

Love, Dana Mermaid

Event de’tails’ ~

  • Opening introduction with Dana’s signature talk Awaken Your Inner Siren & The World is Your Oyster: Dana speaks to your inner mermaid about using the ocean to awaken your senses and tap into the powerful feminine energy that may be lying dormant especially in high-powered professional women. She speaks about the healing powers of the ocean as used for centuries by cultures worldwide.
  • Guided visualization while listening to video of dolphin footage, perfect for creating that dream space to dial into your heart’s calling while journaling your reflections.
  • Time to land mingle with fellow lady leaders & dreamers (delicious refreshments & snacks provided.)

Reconnect to your passion, be inspired with purpose, & Sparkle On!

“I’ve shared the stage with Dana several times. Dana brings her sunshine bright personality, deep love, and knowledge of the ocean to help audiences to feel as if they were swimming with her and the dolphins! She lights up the room and opens people’s hearts.” – Doreen Virtue

“Dana is a unique artist and presenter. She sees the world truly through the eyes of a Mermaid. A gifted Freediver who makes her own gorgeous tails and has a deep connection with the creatures of the sea.  Also a talented photographer, her images present the magic under the surface in a way that makes the viewer feel as if they are there.  Her personal stories through both light and adversity provide a guiding experience for others to live a life like no other. To live their own life.” – Susan Knight Studios

Live Event Tour Schedule

  • Live Your Dreams, Fish Out of Water Event in Scottsdale, AZ 8/8/15 from 4-6 pm at the legendary Valley Ho in Old Town Scottsdale – Ticket Sales are closed for this event
  • A Dreamer’s Journey Event in Los Angeles, CA (dates & venue to come)

Register to grab your seat here

Pre Register for: $299 (full price $350)

Additional future locations coming soon!

Bonus Treasures You Receive at Event

  • Awaken Your Mermaid Soul journal with signed mermaid photo (a great addition for your dream or visualization board.)
  • Treasure chest raffle to win an ocean power hour session with Dana (including a mermaid oracle card reading which is a playful way to tap into your heart’s calling & intuitive clarity.)
  • Surprise treats & takeaways for all!


Catch up with me while I splash into life on land – I’m looking forward to meeting you all in person!

Love, Dana Mermaid

Dana Richardson, internationally known as Dana Mermaid, with her childlike wonder, love for the sea, and in-depth knowledge of ocean life, inspires women to awaken their power and reconnect to their heart’s calling through her deeply felt and fun presentations. Dana has a background as a Marine Mammal Naturalist, Free Diver, Underwater Photographer, USCG 100-ton Licensed Boat Captain, and has spent many thousands of hours as an expert ocean guide in the water free-diving with the wild dolphins and whales embodying her brand message as a real life mermaid. As an ocean advocate, women empowerment speaker, dolphin whisperer, and mermaidpreneur she offers a unique view of life through the lens of the sea. Her unique engagements are perfect for women entrepreneurs who are looking to reconnect with their passion and purpose, open their hearts, and experience greater success and abundance.

Inspiring women one splash at a time!