Custom, one of a kind hand made tails created by Dana Mermaid

Our tails are designed for swimming to reconnect you to the ocean in a fun and unique way.

  • Each tail is much like a mermaid – beautiful on land and magically comes to life under the sea.
  • Wearable art! Designed with a lot of love and fish scales, these tails are made with aloha, and need to be treated with aloha.
  • Varying in de’tail’, there can be around 400 hours of creation in each tail and are designed based on different types of sea life.
  • Just like a fish, these tails are meant to be in the sea. Please be sure to keep your tail salty!

• Archive site – no longer making tails •

Contact for Custom Orders


Our Sea Sister, ocean inspired apparel

Our lifestyle brand inspires that sun kissed, sea salty infused life.  Sea Sisters are voices of the sea and true ocean ambassadors of all ages.

  • Apparel and accessories for keiki & wahine Sea Sisters (Hawaiian translation: children & women).

contact for sea sister style guide or licensing inquiries 


Siren Shimmer is our exclusive skincare and spa beauty line

Designed for women and girls everywhere to luxuriate your mind, body and soul to shine as the pearlescent sea stars you are.

Be radiant, be bold, be beautiful and always leave your sparkle trail.

Life on land can be draining and it’s easy for women to feel burnt out. Siren Shimmer combines all-natural ingredients to ignite your senses, awaken femininity and embody that feeling you get fresh out of the sea, leaving you refreshed, revitalized, and glowing.

  • Our Exclusive Siren Shimmer line is handmade with aloha by Passion Moon Potions and is both Mermaid and Planet Ocean friendly.
  • Plumeria scented shimmering bath salts, sugar scented body spray for a radiant golden glow, shimmer dust for glitter on the go, coconut soy candle, plumeria perfume oil, rose/vanilla pearlescent shimmer soap, and sugar golden shimmer body polish.
  • Unique designed gift baskets




Prints of dolphins and whales, depicting the power of the ocean are available for purchase to swim the undersea magic into your home or gallery