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Earth Day Everyday! ooOoOoooo


Happy Earth Day, or as we mermaids like to call it – Planet Ocean Day!

Wouldn’t it be great if we all lived in harmony with our beautiful planet everyday? It’s an ideal worth growing towards and certainly the dolphins and whales can be our greatest teachers in restoring value within ourselves and outwards towards others.

Remember that when you are happy and free, the world benefits!

Something I still see so much in the world is people who are set in robot autopilot, just going through the motions to get through each day. In life there can be settling and there can also be trials that must be gone through to get to the other side of where you want to go. The only way to really know where you are is to ask yourself.

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.” – Steve Jobs

“The biggest human temptation is to settle for too little.” – Thomas Merton

Some great questions to ask yourself are:

What do you love?

What brings you the greatest joy?

What sets your heart afire?

When do you find yourself feeling free or where time stands still?

What do you believe in?

What are you passionate about changing in the world?

“Every day, people settle for less than they deserve. They are only partially living or at best living a partial life. Every human being has the potential for greatness.” Bo Bennett

One of my greatest passions is creating space for women to reawaken the inspiration that is often blocked as a result of ‘always-on’ living.  This is the core of all our packages, whether retreats,events or consulting. Here at Dana Mermaid we believe in changing the world by reconnecting women to their genius through the calling of the ocean.

Have a fintastical weekend and I hope you do something each day that makes your heart sing with happiness!


March – Mermaids & Magic


Can you believe it’s already March?? In like a lion and out like a lamb. It’s four leaf clover time – that season where there’s a kind of magic in the air and to remember that possibilities are everywhere if you just look for them and are open.

I believe we are all on the same path of awakening our spirits to greater love, joy and possibility – we just have our own unique paths to get there. So wherever you find yourself on the journey, then just be that. Be more of YOU* right where you are and don’t be surprised if you encounter a marvelous surprise around that next corner!

“Time is a friend – perhaps the best one we shall ever have. … Time is a ship that carries us out on its own tides and at last to haven on shore. Time is a now – and there is only now. Memories look backward. Hope looks ahead. But there is in reality only now.” – Margery Wilson, 1956

Light up your life and above all feel beautiful!* Remember it’s Springtime so add some spring to your step by infusing your life with color. There are great tidings awaiting you and dreams to create that are stirring in your soul. Don’t let your dreams be dreams, go forth and dazzle the world simply by being you and being happy!

“Good luck is shining right above you. All you’ve got to do is believe.” – Unknown

Click here to watch this video from the beginnings of my development of Dana Mermaid, LLC to find out more about how I started. My vision began in extending love for the sea by creating tails for ocean awareness and inspiration to both kids and adults inspiring everyone to follow their hearts and impact our Planet Ocean in a bigger way! This has since evolved into my deeper passion of spiritual awakenings through the calling of the ocean and empowering women to find their voice, inner beauty and value to awaken their inner siren and change the world! oOoOoOoOoo

One of my favorite passions is working with women to reconnect to their passion and purpose and break free of limitation! If you are ready to know your value, feel beautiful and do what makes your heart sing to impact the world in a bigger way, then let’s play!

Dive in to our creative consulting packages to find out more about working together by emailing Team Mermaid today!

Stay Sparkly!


Be the Change

Team White-0003

Have you ever met someone and later learned their story which inspired you deeper towards the power of the human spirit? This month we dedicate our newsletter to Carmen Leolani White, a beautiful bright light and courageous girl who absolutely loved dolphins, mermaids and fairies! Her time on earth ended far too soon, and yet her spirit and legacy lives on through the work of her family and friends who have put together Team Carmen. They are raising money to continue the Leukemia and Lymphoma society’s funding of the breakthrough development of therapies that have already saved and continue to save thousands of lives. If you are considering donating to a cause this year, please consider donating in Carmen’s honor and/or pass this link on to those who may want to help as well. I just donated and if you feel inspired, please join in and let’s create a link of light for those in need!

As Mahatma Gandhi quoted, let us all be the change we wish to see in the world.

It’s a New Year and a new opportunity to pay it forward and add some love to another child’s life and their family! Here is the link where you can help: Team Carmen Donation Link. I know Carmen’s spirit will be dancing with dolphins, mermaids and fairy dust, being overjoyed with how her life continues to make a difference with each prayer and donation to help.


The dolphins are some of our greatest teachers in how they live and relate to one another. We are all united and when we spread joy, we open up space within our own hearts for more healing and happiness. Wishing you all a joy filled January and may you remember the magic of the sea is swimming all around you in life!

Much Love & Sea *Sparkles*


Align With the Divine


What do you want in lifestyle and career, and how will you align with the Divine to create your destined bliss?

If you’re not fully in love with all of your life, then you’re not fully living! Why suffer from any debilitating thoughts or emotions of anger, fear or sadness when you can set your spirit free and be truly happy, living a life of fun and doing all that you want while inspiring others! Anything is truly possible.  One of the best parts of my job is not only doing what I love, but also waking women up to a life that’s fun and freeing, swimming out of that limited logic land and encounter a deep ocean of abundance that is infinitely more satisfying than anything you could dream up yourself!

Remember, just like the whale’s unique fluke print, there is no other one quite like you! So dive in and turn your dreams into a reality today!

Some peeps say you just can’t have it all and although it’s true that you can only be in one place at a time there is always room to experience so much more.

I say, Why not have it all?!

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Spirit of Aloha


The definition of ambassador is a person who acts as a representative or promoter of a specified activity.  So who or what are you an ambassador for? What do you believe so passionately in that you are representing to the world? Whether it’s the ocean, land, people, a product or service, it may even come down to representing the spirit of Aloha.  It really is the little things in life that mean everything! There’s nothing like the kindness of a stranger, a smile or laugh to brighten your day.  When someone, anyone throughout your day shows true sincerity in caring for you, excellent customer service that gives you that feeling of being supported and well looked after or simply, love. Your spirit and attitude truly makes a difference in all whose lives connect with you.  I hope that someday the Aloha spirit will weave into the hearts and minds of people everywhere and awaken the world to our true purpose in life!

So what are YOU waiting for? Dive in to discover your greatness and the amazing abundance life holds for you.  the sea truly will set you free!

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