“Dana Mermaid is an amazing spirit, very experienced in the ocean, and also holds herself to the highest professional standards and ethics. She truly has a genuine love and passion for the ocean and for people. My hope is that others may enjoy this wonderful ocean experience. Dana will set your mermaid soul free!”

KRISTINE KOZUKI,  www.oishiicustomdesigns.com


“With Dana’s reputation as the “Dolphin Whisperer” I had complete trust in her. Dana was my initial coach in getting me in the sea and the dolphins took over from there. All I can say is the experience was truly magical and the power of the dolphins transcended into empowerment for myself. I spun and danced and relished the fact in that moment I was a mermaid. I felt beautiful, happy and alive. I left Hawaii with a whole new sense of self, which will be invaluable to me for the rest of my life.”



“Dana takes amazingly good care of you, making you feel so safe in the water and knows all the best spots to find the dolphins. I’ve done the swim with her twice now, and I’ve found that it’s a great brand builder for my business! And let’s not forget all the major personal transformation I’ve received too. Highly recommended!”

CHRISTINA MORASSI,  www.ChristinaMorassi.com


“Swimming with the wild dolphins as a mermaid was a life changing experience. Thank you for a truly magical experience Dana. I can’t wait to swim with the whales in Tahiti!!”

JESSICA NAZARALI,  www.jessicanazarali.com


“If you ask me the one gift, the one thing that came out of swimming with the dolphins…it is that my fear is gone, my fear which had haunted me even though I was capable of putting it away or to sleep for weeks at a time it was always in the background. Will I come out of this? Will I survive this one more surgery? Will the cancer come back? It is as if the fear went swimming off to be lost in the depths of the ocean never to return.”



“When I’m trying to impress someone my go to line is, ‘my cousin is a mermaid.’ My day as a mermaid was like a dream. I felt beautiful, sexy, free and empowered! Thank you Dana for sharing your exciting magical world with me – I will never forget it!”

Haley Lu Richardson,www.haleylurichardson.com


“I am forever transformed by my experience with Dana Mermaid and her dolphin friends and deeply grateful. I feel so much more in synch with God and his presence & am more empowered by my purpose to teach enlightened entrepreneurs how to create their boutique business grow to seven figures and beyond.”

ERIKA MISCIO,  www.sevenfigurefemale.com


“During my mermaid excursion in Hawaii, Dana helped me see that photography is my calling and after the work with her the caliber of my photo shoots have skyrocketed. The swim and mermaidification process with Dana is so much more than that. It is completely life transforming. Dana is amazing and she has an incredible intuition about what, as women, our life purpose is.”

MELISSA FREDERICK,  www.melissafrederick.com


“The most amazing whale encounter I ever experienced was with Dana. When I am old, reflecting on my life and multitudes of vacation memories, I know my adventures with Dana Mermaid will be in the Top 10!”



“I am impressed with Dana’s mission and inspired by her spirit. I can’t wait to do it again! Mahalo, Dana!”



“HOLY SEASHELLS, did my life transform on so many levels! Dana brought my awareness to so many things that helped me to revolutionize my life and career- gaining clarity, focus, clearing out, receiving, having fun, embracing my femininity and really swimming into who I am.”

BOBBIE JO,  www.Kapa-Kai.com


“Words can not explain the magic and heart opening healing that manifested from swimming as a mermaid with wild dolphins and Dana Mermaid as my guide. It opened my heart to deeper levels of intimacy with my soul mate, helped me relate and love my children more, and supported me in forgiving and releasing pent up childhood pain. I was swimming eye-to-eye in between wild dolphins! I have never felt so loved, accepted and whole. And that was only half of my time with Dana! The mermaid photo shoot was so much fun! I have never felt more feminine and free! As a result of saying YES to my lifelong dream to swim with dolphins, my coaching business took off! Within days of my day with Dana Mermaid, I received $30,000 in new client orders which was my best ever income month. The power I felt in my body, the love I felt in my heart, the connection to the circle of life allowed me to heal the separation between me and the Divine and gave me the gift to be vulnerable enough to RECEIVE my heart’s desires. Thank you Dana for all that you are and all that you BE!”

AMANDA MOXLEY,  www.AmandaMoxley.com


“Our time with Mermaid Dana was magical for all. After swimming with dolphins and experiencing a mermaid swim with Dana as our expert ocean guide, I felt so confident and free. Such a rich experience filled with wonder, connection and freedom.”



“Swimming in the Pacific with my mermaid tail was completely magical. Dana’s reassurance helped me feel at ease in the sea and safe in her presence. I felt so at one with the watery world; so much more myself, like a beautiful fish-being! Dana is a real Goddess of the sea but also genuinely and generously loves bringing out the Goddess in others. Dana’s expertise as a swimmer and diver, and her knowledge and understanding of dolphins made being in the water with them even more special. Her passion and respect for the ocean and cetaceans is completely inspiring, as is her warmth, patience, intuition, kindness and sense of adventure.”



“The pregnancy underwater photo shoot was one of the most beautiful moments in my life, swimming with dolphins, Dana Mermaid and my little baby ~ swimming and dancing to the dolphin noises in my belly. I will cherish these memories and photos forever. Dana is an easy going and kind person to work with, as well as VERY knowledgeable about the ocean.”



“Dana’s Elite Excursion was the most magical adventure I’ve been on so far. I flew to Kona from Australia just to meet Dana Mermaid and have this experience at 8 months pregnant! Dana’s sensitivity to my needs helped me feel completely taken care of and her entire team supported me to have a spectacular experience of swimming with wild dolphins. Everything about Dana is so conscious and spiritual as she made the experience unique to me, which really allowed me to relax & feel like a true goddess. If you have any inkling to do this then don’t put it off, the universe will help make it happen. This was the best thing I ever did and also helped me to invest in a pleasurable experience, which in turn helped my business.”

NADHIRA RAZACK,  www.consciouswomaninbusiness.com


“Dana took me out to swim with dolphins and I was so nervous, not knowing how to breathe through my snorkel and having had a previously bad snorkel experience, but Dana coached me to where it became so easy. This was an unbelievable experience and I am eternally changed.”



“I had the experience of becoming a mermaid with my baby son. It was so transformational, magical and powerful. My mermaid day also really changed me on a cellular level to completely open me up to receive and embody the feminine essence that I really wanted to experience.”

MELODY PARK SHIN,  www.melodyparkshin.com


“I trust Dana completely because she is full of integrity and has a complete commitment to ocean ecology and she connects with the dolphins like nobody else I’ve ever met. I’ve shared the stage with Dana several times. Dana brings her sunshine bright personality, deep love, and knowledge of the ocean to help audiences to feel as if they were swimming with her and the dolphins! She lights up the room and opens people’s hearts.”

DOREEN VIRTUE,  author of Mermaids 101 and Angels 101


“I just want to congratulate Dana Mermaid on all the conservation work she’s doing all around the world. You can go to her website and be part of this great adventure which is protecting our water planet.”

WYLAND,  www.wyland.com


If you’re feeling the call of the sea, please reach out and schedule a call to determine the option that is best for you.

Love, Dana Mermaid