The Hula Hoop Girl


While traveling through Southern California, I caught up with Caroline Sanchez, who is literally known as, The Hula Hoop Girl. When she’s not busy teaching hoop dancing and healing the world, you can catch her at sunrise and sunset doing her ‘hoop girl thang’ at one of my favorite So Cal beaches, Windansea in La Jolla!

Seriously though, she is more than just a dancer with a hula hoop. I got the chance to meet her and see her in action at a friend’s birthday party I was photographing and in the few moments we spoke, I heard more of her story, background and watched her in action. Truly this lady is a powerhouse with both passion, purpose and an entire journey behind every step. She’s on fire to empower women and bring healing to caregivers in the nursing community and hospice.

Women have power to change the world and girls now, more than ever need strong and feminine role models with voices. This is why I created the podcast platform, Lady Leaders Radio for the everyday leading lady, featuring women who are breaking through barriers and defying the odds to live their dreams and make a real difference.

In this interview I truly believe you’ll be inspired with Caroline’s passion, purpose and vision to empower women and raise the bar for healing through hospice and community.

Go to our Podcast page to hear the interview and you can also listen on Soundcloud!



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