You CAN have it all with extra to give away!


Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Breathe a little more and let your body relax. Now what is your #1 dream you would absolutely love to be, have or experience in this lifetime? If you’re not sure, then just think of what brings you joy or where if money were no object you would do in a heartbeat! 

Now, let yourself dream even further, expand into the possibilities of a world without limitations, & notice what it looks like. Coming back to your present circumstances – aka your current “reality”.. . what’s stopping you from achieving that dream or dreams?

Stories and belief systems from family, friends, society and employment tend to morph into our own lives if we are not diligent with awareness to let them go. The Universe, Life Force, Creator or God, however you choose to call it has no limits on joy. The world is meant to be our playground when we are aligned with using our unique gifts as service to others.

How are you limiting yourself and blocking inspiration??

The human world is full of trauma and heartache, love and loss. In many countries like India, death and birth are in full view everywhere you look. In America, people are riddled with guilt and shame, hiding pain behind false smiles and tortured souls behind robotic lives. Do you remember the last time you felt alive, full of enthusiasm, joy and prosperity of all forms?

Life is meant to be lived, folks in every possible way!

When you are living a life, day and night from the core of joy, then everyone benefits. Vacations become places to add more joy to an already happy life rather than a place of escape. This is what your NEW “reality” can look like!

The ocean is a wealth of infinite life, change and possibility which mirrors back to us our true home. The mermaid is an awakened soul fully tapped into the magic of life on every level!
If living more of your dreams is sounding good to you, but you are not sure the “how” to get to where you want to be.. . don’t worry! The “how” is none of your business. Join myself and colleague, Kristy Ayala on our new call (it’s free to register) coming up June 30th at 5:30 pm and listen in as we dive into a super charged & fun discussion on how to Live Inspired! Just by registering you’ll receive 1 free gift from each of us and also a free audio download of the call!

Ocean blessings and hope to sea you on the call!

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