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Illuminate Your
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by Dana Mermaid
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Dana Marie Mermaid of the Sea

Mermaid sightings occurring in the Kona waters of Hawaii!

Dana Richardson is an expert ocean guide and mermaid dolphin whisperer whose vision is to share and protect the magic of the sea by awakening and reconnecting women & children to their heart's calling, life purpose, and unlimited abundance! When women acknowledge & raise the value in their self and life, they will start to be of greater service to the world on land and sea. She has been living in Kona, Hawaii and free diving with her wild dolphin friends for the last 13 years. As a Mermaidpreneur, Dana designs and creates high-end mermaid tails, sharing her ocean knowledge and passion by carrying a powerful message of the sea. She donates yearly to ocean charities to protect the lives of dolphins and whales, while also contributing to non-profit foundations for women and children suffering from abuse, addiction and low self-esteem.

The mermaid, being half human and half fish, inspires that connection we have to the ocean world and the sea that is so imperative for our survival on earth. We must replenish the balance of our relationship from land to sea ~ Malama I Ke Kai and Malama I Ka Aina”

Dana will be an asset to your Ocean Adventure, guiding you into the sea safely! With a background as a Marine Mammal Naturalist, Free Diver, Underwater Photographer, and USCG 100 ton Licensed Boat Captain.  With experience of over thousands of hours of sea time, immense knowledge of sea life, including names and behavior of wild dolphin pods in Kona, and ability to help all ages, swim levels and even those with disabilities to feel comfortable in the water, she will create a magical and life-changing ocean encounter for you. Her knowledge of Hawaii and Polynesia will also add cultural education to the trip!

Contact Dana Mermaid at bookings@danamermaid.com to hire her for events or custom tours!

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